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Preparing The Telephone For Use; Connecting; Setting The Internal Clock; Activating/Deactivating Handsfree Talking - Siemens Euroset 5020 Quick Manual

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euroset 5020 / SAR arab-eng-fra / A30350-M209-H301-2-3T19 / / 03.08.2006

Preparing the telephone for use

Recommended installation of telephone
Do not expose the telephone to direct sunlight or other
sources of heat.
Operate at temperatures between +5°C and +40°C.
Maintain a distance of at least one metre between the
telephone and radio equipment, e.g. wireless
telephones, wireless pagers or TV sets. Otherwise,
telephone communication could be impaired.
Do not install the telephone in dusty areas as this can
shorten the service life of the telephone.
To clean, wipe with a moist or antistatic cloth only, never
with a dry cloth (risk of electrostatic charging and
discharge) or harsh cleaning agent.
Furniture lacquer and polish can be damaged by contact
with parts of the unit (e.g. device feet).


Insert the short end of the coiled handset cord in the socket
provided in the handset and the long end in the socket
marked with an
on the underside of the device. Plug the
phone cord into the outlet on the wall and the other end
into the socket marked with a
device. Then your telephone is ready to use.
on the underside of the

Setting the internal clock

Initiate function.
The current set time is displayed in 24-hour
mode (default setting: 00:00).
Enter the correct time in hours <hh> and
minutes <mm> (24-hour mode).
Press the Set key.

Making calls

Dialling a number
Lift handset, dial number.
or ...
o Bc
Dial number (you can delete wrongly entered
digits with
digit) and press the OK key.
After 2 seconds the number is dialled.
Lift the handset if you want to talk via the
Any digits after the 20th digit are moved from right to left in
the display. The Last number redial key
insert pauses when dialling, starting from the 2nd digit.
Select phone number from the calls list (if available):
see 6.

Activating/deactivating handsfree talking

With this telephone you can also make calls (handsfree
mode) or settings without lifting the handset. The best
distance from the microhone for speaking is about 50 cm.
Activating during a call via the handset
With the Loudspeaker key pressed replace the
Activating before dialling the number
Before dialling: hold down the Loudspeaker
key until you can hear the dialling tone.
Deactivating handsfree talking
Lift the handset during the call.
and then enter the correct
can be used to

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Table of Contents