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Changing The Dialling Mode; Operation On A Pabx; Enter/Delete An External Line Prefixe; Using Functions For Additional Services Of Public Telephone Systems - Siemens Euroset 5020 Quick Manual

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euroset 5020 / SAR arab-eng-fra / A30350-M209-H301-2-3T19 / / 03.08.2006
Setting the pause time
If necessary, the pause time of the Pause key
function from second input position) can be changed to 1,
3 or 6 seconds (default setting: 3 seconds).
Initiate function.
0: 1 sec.; 1: 3 sec.; 2: 6 sec..
Press the Set key.

Changing the dialling mode

Initiate function.
1: Tone dialling.
2: Pulse dialling without flash function.
Press the Set key.
Changing dialling modes during a call
If your telephone is set to pulse dialling and you want to use
functions that require tone dialling (e.g. remote access to
an answering machine), you can change the dialling mode
during a call.
With an open connection: press the star key.
Enter digits for remote control/data transfer.
The telephone is reset to the original dialling mode by hang-
ing up the handset.

Operation on a PABX

Enter/delete an external line prefixe

If you are using your telephone on a PABX, you may have to
save one or more external line prefixes. A dialling pause is
set automatically with the external line prefixe. You can save
up to three external line prefixes.
Initiate function.
If no external line prefixe has been set in a
location, z appears in the display.
If several external line prefixes are saved, these
are displayed next to one another; the current
external line prefixe to be edited flashes.
If necessary, use the
between the external line prefixes displayed,
to edit them as follows:
To delete an external line prefix:
Press the Set key.
To enter an external line prefixe:
key to toggle
Enter a one- to three-digit code.
Enter additional external line prefixes:
; o
Press the Redial key, enter next external line
Press the Set key.
Recall key (on a PABX)
During an external call, you can make a recall or divert the
call. To do this, press the Recall key
procedure depends on your PABX. By default, the Recall key
is preset to a flash time (interruption time) of 90 ms for use
of new features on public telephone systems. With a
connection to a PABX, it may be necessary to change the
flash time (e.g. 600 ms). To do this, please refer to the
operating instructions for your PABX.
Setting the flash time for the Recall key
Initiate function.
Enter desired flash code:
0: 90 ms (default setting);
2: 270 ms;
Press the Set key.
Using functions for additional services of
public telephone systems
If you want to use services that are to be triggered with the
Recall key, make sure beforehand that the correct flash time
is set for the key.
Recall key (in public telephone systems)
In public telephone systems, this key is required to use
certain additional services.
The appropriate flashtime for the specific country must be
set before using the Recall key can be used:
Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland: 120 ms
(access code 1)
France, Luxemburg, Portugal, Germany, Greece: 270 ms
(access code 2)
other European countries: 90 ms (access code 0).
. The subsequent
1: 120 ms;
3: 375 ms;
4: 600 ms.

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Table of Contents