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Troubleshooting - Samsung MIM-E03 series Installation Manual

Control kit
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The following table shows useful technical information for diagnosing and making error correction for various troubles which
may occur in the system . Before contacting your local installers, read this page carefully and implement visual inspections of
the whole system .
Possible causes
Heating or cooling performance are not good
Loud noise from water pump
System does not work even power source does not
have problem
Solar pump is not working
Remote controller cannot be set
• Always make sure to turn off the system before implementing the visual checking or disassemble for detail
checks .
• Incorrect handling of thermostat, safety valve or other valves may lead to tank rupture . When servicing the unit
follow instructions carefully:
- Always turn off main power supply when water supply is being shut off .
- Test the free operation of the safety valve regularly by opening the valve ensuring the water flows freely .
- Electrical connection and all servicing of the electrical components should only be carried out by an
authorized electrician .
- Fitting and all servicing of plumbing fixtures should only be carried out by an authorized installer .
- When replacing the thermostat, safety valve or any other valve or part supplied with this unit, use only
approved parts of the same specification .
EHS Control unit_MIM-E03@_IM_E_34413-2.indd 37
• Check the temperature adjustment in the controller
• Check if the water is filled in the system fully
• Check the water flow rate
• Check air purge valve (Make it open and close)
• Check if the water is filled in the system fully
• Check if strainer is full of foreign materials
• Check if wiring connections are installed well
• Check if water flow rate is low (system will not work in condition
of below 16 LPM)
• Check TB-B and wire connections
• Check if it has the mode of master or slave
• If there are 2 controllers, either one shall have slave mode .
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