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Troubleshooting - Samsung RMC30D1 User Manual

Led tv - d7000 and above pdp tv - d8000 touch control
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The signal type icon of the
Touch Control has changed
even though I didn't change the
The screen on the Touch
Control turns off continuously.
The arrow on the top right does
not disappear.
The touch-screen function
doesn't work.
I want to turn off the power.
RMC30D1_ZA]BN68-03328B-00L03.indb 24
Solutions and Explanations
The icon may change from time to time depending
on the condition of network or TV connection.
The automatic screen turn off mode operates
automatically to extend the life cycle of batteries.
The automatic screen turn off time setting can
be changed by selecting <Settings>, <General
Settings> and <Backlight Duration>. The time can
be extended to a maximum of 3 minutes. (You can
select 1 minute, 2 minutes or 3 minutes.)
Upgraded software has been added on Samsung.
com. Access Settings and perform a software
upgrade to upgrade the software to the latest
The capacitor type touch-sensor technology of the
remote does not respond to the touch of a fi ngermail
or stylus. Touch the screen lightly with your fi nger.
The corresponding function will start with a beep.
To turn the set on or off, press the Power on/off
button for more than one second or slide up and
remove the cover on the back of the remote, insert
the batteries again and close the cover.
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