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Calibrating The Controller; Troubleshooting - Samsung SPC-2000 User Manual

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Installing the Controller
Pic 5. Game Controllers Window

Calibrating the Controller

For best results, all the axes of the controller must be calibrated.
1. Go to [Start] → [Settings] → [Control Panel] → [Game Controllers] → [Properties] → [Setup].
2. Press the [Calibrate] button to run the "Device Calibration Wizard."
3. Calibrate the axes following the instructions on the screen.
Pic 6. Controller Properties Window
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Calibrating the Controller
Pic 7. Device Calibration Wizard


If you experience any problem using the product, please check the following.
1. If the controller does not operate properly:
· Go to [Start] → [Control Panel] → [Game Controllers], and then click the [Troubleshooting] button.
2. If your computer does not detect the controller:
· Check if the operating system supports DirectX.
· Check if the computer's USB port is working properly.
3. If the controller buttons are hard to press:
· Check if there is anything blocking the buttons. Clean and remove any blockage.
4. If the joystick is hard to move:
· Check if there is anything blocking the bottom of the joystick. Clean and remove the blockage.
5. If the joystick moves uncontrollably:
· Run the "Device Calibration Wizard".
Network Controller
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