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Before Running The System - Samsung MIM-E03 series Installation Manual

Control kit
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Setting option switches and function of keys
1 . Self test mode
- Self Test Mode is implemented ignoring errors .
- It can be implemented without OUTDOOR UNIT installation .
- Buttons have new functions as shown in the upper table under the Self Test Mode
2 . Enter and quit Self test mode
f To enter Self test mode
- Set DIP #5 (wired remote controller) "ON" and reset power .
- Press both "Set" and "Test" buttons over 3 sec .
- 'TEST' icon and sign pop up .
f To quit the self test mode
- Press "Cancel " button over 3 sec .
3 . How to use
- 'Not available' icon pops up when the buttons not shown in the upper table are pressed .
- All the functions' default states are "OFF"
- Pressing the button (#1~#8) makes its function "ON" and Cancel button makes all the functions "OFF"
- Back up Heater 1(button#2) and 2(button#3) are not available when the Water Pump (button #1) is not "ON"
- Every time you press the View button, it shows temperature sensor values in order . PHE water inlet  PHE water outlet
 Backup Heater outlet  Water Tank  Room . It goes back to the previous state when there is no View button input
for 5 sec .
- 'HEAT' or 'COOL' sign and thermostat icon pop up instead of 'TEST' sign when the thermostat is connected .

Before running the system

Make sure to confirm if refrigerant leakage, looseness of power cords and electric wires after completing installation of kit
and heat pump systems .
Wired remote controller
Display panel
Up/Down button
DHW hot key
Outing hot key
EHS Control unit_MIM-E03@_IM_E_34413-2.indd 36
Power(Space mode)
Power(DHW mode)
Mode button (Space mode)
Mode button (DHW mode)
Set button
View button
Daily schedule setting button
Weekly schedule setting button
Cancel/Delete button
Silent button
Schedule Set button
Lock button
Test button
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