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Disassembly And Assembly Instructions - Panasonic SA-BT300PX Service Manual

Blu-ray disc home theater sound system.
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9 Disassembly and Assembly Instructions

Be careful when disassembling and servicing.
Some chassis components may have sharp edges.
Special Note:
1. This section describes the disassembly procedures for all the major printed circuit boards and main components.
2. Before the disassembly process was carried out, do take special note that all safety precautions are to be carried
(Ensure that no AC power supply is connected during disassembling.)
3. For assembly after operation checks or replacement, reverse the respective procedures.
Special reassembly procedures are described only when required.
4. Do take note of the locators on each printed circuit board during reassembling procedures.
5. The Switch Regulator IC may have high temperature after prolonged use.
6. Use caution when removing the top cabinet and avoid touching heat sinks located in the unit.
7. Select items from the following index when checks or replacement are required.
• Disassembly of Top Cabinet
• Disassembly of Voltage Selector P.C.B.
• Disassembly of Rear Panel
• Disassembly of Front Panel Assembly
• Disassembly of Panel & Power Button P.C.B.
• Disassembly of Setup Mic P.C.B.
• Disassembly of SD P.C.B.
• Disassembly of Tray Lid
• Disassembly of iPod P.C.B.
• Disassembly of BD Drive Unit
• Disassembly of Main P.C.B.
• Disassembly of Digital P.C.B.
• Disassembly of D-Amp P.C.B.
• Replacement of Audio Amplifier Driver IC (IC8001)
• Replacement of Audio Amplifier Driver IC (IC8002)
• Replacement of Regulator Transistor (Q8026)
• Disassembly of AC Inlet P.C.B.
• Disassembly of SMPS P.C.B.
• Replacement of Switching Regulator IC (IC5701)
• Replacement of Rectifier Diode (D5702)
• Replacement of Regulator Diode (D5801)
• Replacement of Regulator Diode (D5802)
• Replacement of Regulator Diode (D5803)
• Disassembly of Wireless Adapter P.C.B.
• Disassembly of Tuner P.C.B.
• Disassembly of BD Drive


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