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Safety Precautions; General Guidelines; Before Use - Panasonic SA-BT300PX Service Manual

Blu-ray disc home theater sound system.
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1 Safety Precautions



1. When servicing, observe the original lead dress. If a short circuit is found, replace all parts which have been overheated or
damaged by the short circuit.
2. After servicing, see to it that all the protective devices such as insulation barriers, insulation papers shields are properly
3. After servicing, carry out the following leakage current checks to prevent the customer from being exposed to shock hazards.
1. Unplug the AC cord and connect a jumper between the two prongs on the plug.
2. Measure the resistance value, with an ohmmeter, between the jumpered AC plug and each exposed metallic cabinet part on
the equipment such as screwheads, connectors, control shafts, etc. When the exposed metallic part has a return path to the
chassis, the reading should be between 1MΩ and 5.2MΩ.
When the exposed metal does not have a return path to the chassis, the reading must be
1. Plug the AC cord directly into the AC outlet. Do not use an isolation transformer for this check.
2. Connect a 1.5kΩ, 10 watts resistor, in parallel with a 0.15µF capacitors, between each exposed metallic part on the set and a
good earth ground such as a water pipe, as shown in Figure 1.
3. Use an AC voltmeter, with 1000 ohms/volt or more sensitivity, to measure the potential across the resistor.
4. Check each exposed metallic part, and measure the voltage at each point.
5. Reverse the AC plug in the AC outlet and repeat each of the above measurements.
6. The potential at any point should not exceed 0.75 volts RMS. A leakage current tester (Simpson Model 229 or equivalent)
may be used to make the hot checks, leakage current must not exceed 1/2 milliamp. In case a measurement is outside of the
limits specified, there is a possibility of a shock hazard, and the equipment should be repaired and rechecked before it is
returned to the customer.

Before Use

Be sure to disconnect the mains cord before adjusting the voltage selector.
Use a minus(-) screwdriver to set the voltage selector (on the rear panel) to the voltage setting for the area in which the unit will be
used. (If the power supply in your area is 117V or 120V, set to the "117V or 120V" position.)
Note that this unit will be seriously damaged if this setting is not made correctly. (There is no voltage selector for some countries,
the correct voltage is already set.)
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