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Dear customer
Thank you for purchasing this product.
For optimum performance and safety, please read these instructions carefully.
Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product, please read the instructions completely. Please keep this manual for future reference.
Region management information
This unit plays BD-Video marked with labels containing the region code A.
This unit plays DVD-Video marked with labels containing the region number "1" or "ALL".
As an ENERGY STAR Partner,
Panasonic has determined that
this product meets the ENERGY STAR
guidelines for energy efficiency.
For Canada only: The word "Participant" is used in place of the word
Blu-ray Disc Home Theater Sound System

Operating Instructions

Model No.
If you have any questions contact
The warranty can be found on page 46.
The warranty can be found on page 47.


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   Summary of Contents for Panasonic SC-BT100

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    This unit plays DVD-Video marked with labels containing the region number “1” or “ALL”. ® As an ENERGY STAR Partner, Panasonic has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency. For Canada only: The word “Participant” is used in place of the word “Partner”.
  • Page 2: Getting Started Accessory Information

    (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Responsible Party: Panasonic Corporation of North America One Panasonic Way Secaucus, NJ 07094 Support Contact: Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company Telephone No.: 1-800-211-PANA (7262)
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Getting started Accessory information ... 2 Preparing the remote control... 3 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS... 3 Quick Start Guide STEP 1 Positioning ...4 STEP 2 Basic connections...6 STEP 3 Setting up the unit ...9 Control reference guide... 10 Disc and card information...
  • Page 4: Step 1 Positioning

    Enjoying 7.1-channel surround sound Optional Panasonic wireless accessory SH-FX67/Optional Panasonic speaker system SB-HS100A You can enjoy 7.1ch surround sound when you use the optional Panasonic wireless system SH-FX67 and speaker system SB-HS100A. Refer to the relevant operating instructions for details.
  • Page 5: Speaker Installation Options

    ∫ Notes on speaker use ≥Use only supplied speakers Using other speakers can damage the unit, and sound quality will be negatively affected. ≥You can damage your speakers and shorten their useful life if you play sound at high levels over extended periods. ≥Reduce the volume in the following cases to avoid damage: –...
  • Page 6: Step 2 Basic Connections

    Basic connections STEP ≥Do not place the unit on amplifiers or equipment that may become hot. The heat can damage the unit. ≥Turn off all equipment before connection and read the appropriate operating instructions. Speaker cables and transmitter connection Sheet of speaker cable stickers Speaker cable for surround speaker (R) (Grey)
  • Page 7: Connection To A Tv

    SUBWOOFER CENTER Please use High Speed HDMI cables that have the HDMI logo (as shown on the cover). It is recommended that you use Panasonic’s HDMI cable. Recommended part number: NOTE RP-CDHG10 (1.0 m/3.3 ft.), RP-CDHG15 (1.5 m/4.9 ft.), RP-CDHG20 (2.0 m/6.6 ft.), RP-CDHG30 (3.0 m/9.8 ft.), RP-CDHG50 (5.0 m/16.4 ft.), etc.
  • Page 8: Radio Antenna Connections

    2 Basic connections STEP Radio antenna connections FM Indoor antenna FM indoor antenna (included) Affix this end of the antenna where reception is best. Adhesive tape Main unit SURROUND AC IN SUBWOOFER ≥Keep loose antenna cables away from other wires and cables. Optional connections ≥Using FM/AM outdoor antenna (optional) ( NOTE...
  • Page 9: Step 3 Setting Up The Unit

    1 Press [Í]. Setup screen appears. ≥If this unit is connected to a Panasonic TV (VIERA) supporting HDAVI Control 2 or HDAVI Control 3 via an HDMI cable, then the “On-screen Language” and “TV Aspect” setting information on the TV are captured from the TV.
  • Page 10: Control Reference Guide

    [MUTING]: Mute the sound ( AD Transmit the remote control signal AE TV operation buttons Aim the remote control at the Panasonic TV and press the button. [Í TV]: Turn the TV on and off [TV/VIDEO]: Switch the input channel...
  • Page 11: Main Unit

    Main unit ! POWER button (POWER Í /I) ( Press to switch the unit from on to standby mode or vice-versa. In standby mode, the unit is still consuming a small amount of power. @ Standby/on indicator (Í) When the unit is connected to the household AC outlet, this indicator lights up in standby mode and goes out when the unit is turned on.
  • Page 12: Disc And Card Information

    Finalized Video Recording Format ≥AVCHD format SD cards This chart shows the different type of cards recorded with Panasonic High Definition Video Camera or personal computers, etc. that you can use. Type of media Formats ≥JPEG format § SD Memory Card ≥AVCHD...
  • Page 13: Discs That Cannot Be Played

    Regarding BD-Video ≥Enjoy Final Standard Profile functions ( ≥When playing a set of two or more BD-Video discs, the menu screen may continue to display even if the disc has been ejected. ≥Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD Master Audio and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio are output as Dolby Digital when “BD-Video Secondary Audio”...
  • Page 14: Basic Play (playing Video Contents)

    Basic play (Playing video contents) Preparation Turn on the TV and select the appropriate video input on the TV. Insert a disc. Press [< OPEN/CLOSE] to open the disc tray and load the disc. Label facing up ≥Press the button again to close the tray. ≥Load double-sided discs so the label for the side you want to play is facing up.
  • Page 15 Other operations during play (These functions may not work depending on the disc.) STOP Stop The stopped position is memorized. Resume play function Press [1] (PLAY) to restart from this position. ≥The position is cleared if the tray is opened or you press on unit’s display.
  • Page 16: Other Operations During Play

    Basic play (Playing video contents) Other operations during play Frame-by-frame While paused, press [2] (2;) or [1] (;1). Each press shows the next frame. ≥Press and hold to change in succession forward or backward. ≥Press [1] (PLAY) to revert to normal playback speed. ≥[BD-V] [AVCHD]: Forward direction [1] (;1) only.
  • Page 17: Enjoying Tv With This Unit's Speakers

    Enjoying TV with this unit’s speakers You can enjoy TV broadcasts with this unit’s speakers. [SELECTOR] [N, O SELECT] [OK] [3, 4] [SETUP] [NEO:6] [ÎPLIIx] Preparation Confirm the audio connection to the OPTICAL IN or AUX terminal on the main unit ( 1 Press [N, O SELECT] several times to select “D-IN”...
  • Page 18: Enjoying The Fm/am Radio

    Enjoying the FM/AM radio [SELECTOR] [X], [W] [FM/AM] Numbered buttons [6, 5] [:, 9] [OK] [2, 1] [FM MODE] [AM BP] Manual tuning 1 Press [FM/AM] to select “FM” or “AM”. Main unit: Press [SELECTOR]. 2 Press [6, 5] to select the frequency. Main unit: Press [X] or [W].
  • Page 19: Playing Music

    Playing music You can play generally available music CD or MP3 files recorded onto a CD-R/RW. [SELECTOR] [BD/SD] [OK] [3, 4, 2, 1] [FUNCTIONS] [RETURN] [SUB MENU] [NEO:6] [ÎPLIIx] [CD] [MP3] 1 Insert a disc ( 14). ≥If a disc containing data in different file formats is inserted, the file selection menu may be displayed.
  • Page 20: Playing An Ipod On This Unit

    ≥Compatibility depends on the software version of your iPod. ≥Audio/video cannot be recorded or transmitted to iPods via this system. ≥Panasonic makes no warranty over iPod data management. ≥For more information, refer to the operating instructions for iPod. ≥The contents of the operating instructions and...
  • Page 21 Playback This system features two different iPod playback modes. The first of these is EXTENDED mode, for playback of music contents. With this mode, the menu screen on the system can be used to search for playlists and artist names, and to play music. The second mode is SIMPLE mode, which can be used for playback of three types of contents – music, photos, and videos.
  • Page 22: Playing Still Pictures

    Playing still pictures You can play still pictures recorded onto a BD-RE, DVD-RAM, CD-R/RW and SD card. [SELECTOR] [BD/SD] [:, 9] [∫] [∫] [1] (PLAY) [OK] [3, 4, 2, 1] [FUNCTIONS] [DIRECT NAVIGATOR] [RETURN] [SUB MENU] [STATUS] [JPEG] 1 Insert a disc or an SD card ( ≥If a disc or an SD card containing data in different file formats is inserted, the file selection menu may be displayed.
  • Page 23: Useful Functions During Still Picture Play

    Useful functions during still picture play Start Slideshow You can display still pictures one by one at a constant interval. BD-RE, DVD-RAM 1 While the “Album View” screen is displayed Press [3, 4, 2, 1] to select the album and press [SUB MENU]. 2 Press [3, 4] to select “Start Slideshow”...
  • Page 24: Different Kinds Of Playback For Bd-video

    Different kinds of playback for BD-Video Some discs permit a variety of interactive functions in addition to the ordinary playback operation. Showing Pop-up menu The Pop-up menu is a special feature available with some BD-Video discs. This menu may vary with discs. For the operating method, refer to the instructions for the disc.
  • Page 25: Showing Functions Menu

    Showing FUNCTIONS menu Some functions of this unit can be operated from the FUNCTIONS menu. [OK] [3, 4, 2, 1] [FUNCTIONS] 1 Press [FUNCTIONS]. ≥Items displayed vary according to the chosen selector and media. 2 Press [3, 4] to select the item and press [OK]. Items Functions Playback DISC...
  • Page 26: Changing Audio Quality/sound Field

    Changing audio quality/sound field ≥The following sound effects may not be available or have no effect with some sources, or when headphones are used ( ≥You may experience a reduction in sound quality when these sound effects are used with some sources. If this occurs, turn the sound effects off. Using Subwoofer boost Main unit only You can enhance the subwoofer effect with strong bass.
  • Page 27: Enjoying Surround Sound

    Enjoying surround sound ≥The following sound effects may not be available or have no effect with some sources, or when headphones are used ( ≥You may experience a reduction in sound quality when these sound effects are used with some sources. If this occurs, turn the sound effects off. [ÎPLIIx] [NEO:6] [7.1CH VS]...
  • Page 28: Linked Operations With The Tv

    EZ Sync VIERA Link “HDAVI Control” is a convenient function that offers linked operations of this unit, and a Panasonic TV (VIERA) under “HDAVI Control”. You can use this function by connecting the equipment with an HDMI cable.
  • Page 29: Easy Control Only With Viera Remote Control

    Easy control only with VIERA remote control If you connect this unit to a TV that has “HDAVI Control 2” or “HDAVI Control 3” function with an HDMI cable, you can operate this unit using the following buttons on the TV remote control. [3, 4, 2, 1], [OK], [RETURN], [SUB MENU] and colored buttons Use the remote control for this unit to operate any other buttons (numbered buttons, etc.) that are not listed above.
  • Page 30: Changing Settings With The On-screen Menu

    Changing settings with the on-screen menu On-screen menu operations 1 Press [BD/SD] to select “BD/DVD/CD” or “SD”. 2 Press [DISPLAY]. e.g., BD-Video 3 Press [3, 4] to select Disc Play the menu and press [1]. Video 4 Press [3, 4] to select the item and press [1].
  • Page 31 Menus Items Play Repeat Play Random Video Picture Progressive Transfer Settings and details (Only when the elapsed time is being displayed on the unit’s display.) Selects the item which you want to repeat. The items displayed differ depending on the type of disc.
  • Page 32: Changing Settings With The Setup Menu

    Changing settings with the setup menu Change the unit’s settings, if necessary. The settings remain intact even if you switch the unit to standby. Setup menu operations 1 Press [BD/SD] to select “BD/DVD/CD” or “SD”. While stopped Press [SETUP]. 3 Press [3, 4] to select the tab and press [OK].
  • Page 33 “Audio” tab Dynamic Range Compression [BD-V] [AVCHD] [DVD-V] (Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby TrueHD only) Change the dynamic range ( 43) for late night viewing. Speaker BD-Video Secondary Audio [BD-V] Turn on/off the clicking sound on the menu and audio with secondary video in picture-in-picture mode.
  • Page 34: Speaker Settings

    Surround Select when the surround speakers are not connected or not in use. Select when – using the optional Panasonic wireless system SH-FX67 and speaker system SB-HS100A to enjoy 7.1ch surround sound. Surround – connecting an amplifier to the SURROUND BACK terminal at the §1...
  • Page 35: Optional Connections And Settings

    Optional connections and settings Connection to Set Top Box (Satellite receiver, Cable box, etc) or video cassette recorder Use the following connections when you want to output audio of your cable TV or VCR through this unit’s speakers. ≥Do not connect through the video cassette recorder. Due to copy guard protection, the picture may not be displayed properly.
  • Page 36 Optional connections and settings Using FM/AM outdoor antenna (optional) Use outdoor antennas if FM/AM radio reception is poor. ≥Disconnect the antenna when the unit is not in use. ≥Do not use the outdoor antenna during an electrical storm. FM outdoor antenna [Using a TV antenna (not included)] ≥Disconnect the FM indoor antenna.
  • Page 37: Frequently Asked Questions

    Setup ≥Speakers other than those supplied cannot be used. This system achieves ideal audio Can I connect other speakers? ≥You can enjoy 7.1-channel surround sound when you use the optional Panasonic What equipment is necessary to play 7.1-channel surround sound? ≥The different levels of picture quality input are listed below in order from highest to...
  • Page 38: Messages

    Messages The following messages or service numbers appear on the TV or unit’s display when something unusual is detected during startup and use. On the TV ≥You inserted an incompatible disc (Discs recorded in PAL video, etc.). Cannot play. ≥You tried to play a non-compatible image. Cannot display on this unit.
  • Page 39: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting guide Before requesting service, make the following checks. If you are in doubt about some of the check points, or if the solutions indicated in the chart do not solve the problem, refer to “Customer Services Directory” on page 46 if you reside in the U.S.A., or refer to “Product information” on page 47 if you reside in Canada.
  • Page 40 Troubleshooting guide TV screen and video ≥Make sure that the TV is connected to the VIDEO OUT terminal, COMPONENT VIDEO OUT The images from this unit do not appear on the TV. terminals or HDMI AV OUT terminal on this unit. ≥Make sure that the TV’s input setting (e.g., VIDEO 1) is correct.
  • Page 41 Card ≥When a BD-Video that supports the virtual package is used, and an SD card is in the slot, The capacity of the SD card decreased. data may be written to the SD card. Erase the data by using “BD-Video Data Erase”, format the card or use a new card.
  • Page 42: Disc And Card Handling

    Troubleshooting guide When other Panasonic products respond to this remote control Change the remote control code on the main unit and the remote control (the two must match) if you place other Panasonic products close together. 1 Press [BD/SD] to select “BD/DVD/CD” or “SD”.
  • Page 43: Glossary

    Glossary AVCHD AVCHD is a new format (standard) for high definition video cameras that can be used to record and play high-resolution HD images. BD-J Some BD-Video discs contain Java applications, and these applications are called BD-J. You can enjoy various interactive features in addition to playing normal video.
  • Page 44: Specifications

    Specifications AMPLIFIER SECTION RMS TTL Power Output 250 W per channel (6 ≠), 1 kHz, 10 % THD Front Ch 125 W per channel (3 ≠), 1 kHz, 10 % THD Surround Ch 250 W per channel (6 ≠), 1 kHz, 10 % THD Center Ch 250 W per channel (6 ≠), 100 Hz, 10 % THD Subwoofer Ch...
  • Page 45: Listening Caution

    GENERAL Power supply iPod Connector Power consumption Dimensions (WtHtD) With transmitter 430 mmk96 mmk327 mm (16 Without transmitter 430 mmk90 mmk327 mm (16 Mass (Weight) (Dimensions and Mass do not include the speakers.) C to r40 Operating temperature range 0 Operating humidity range 35 % to 80 % RH (no condensation) Power consumption in standby mode...
  • Page 46: Limited Warranty (only For U.s.a.)

    Monday-Friday 9 am-9 pm; Saturday-Sunday 10 am-7 pm, EST. For hearing or speech impaired TTY users, TTY: 1-877-833-8855 Accessory Purchases Purchase Parts, Accessories and Instruction Books online for all Panasonic Products by visiting our Web Site at: or, send your request by E-mail to:
  • Page 47: Limited Warranty (only For Canada)

    Limited Warranty (ONLY FOR CANADA) PANASONIC PRODUCT—LIMITED WARRANTY Panasonic Canada Inc. warrants this product to be free from defects in material and workmanship and agrees to remedy any such defect for a period as stated below from the date of original purchase.
  • Page 48: Index

    DUE TO OVERHEATING, ENSURE THAT CURTAINS AND ANY OTHER MATERIALS DO NOT OBSTRUCT THE VENTILATION VENTS. [For\U.S.A.] Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company, Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America One Panasonic Way Secaucus, New Jersey 07094 C 2008 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

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