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Honeywell 900 User Manual Page 142

Control station.
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Setpoint Programmers
View/Edit profile
Guaranteed Hold Type
Loop Start Segment
Loop End Segment
Loop Cycles
Jog Segment
Restart Rate
Auxiliary Output Label
Auxiliary Engineering Units
Fast Forward
Guaranteed Hold, if enabled here, will hold the profile value if a PV to the
profile (typically a control loop's PV) deviates specified amounts above or
below the profile output.
None: No segments have guaranteed hold enabled.
Per Seg: Lets you select specific segments for guaranteed hold where
you set up the profile ramps and soaks.
All Soaks: All soak segments will have a guaranteed hold enabled.
All Segs: All segments will have guaranteed hold enabled.
The first segment of the loop.
The last segment of the loop.
Number of times the loop segments will execute. Zero (0) means the
segments will be repeated forever.
Segment to which the program will jump to when the JOG discrete input is
This recovery ramp rate is provided in the event of a power loss while a
program is running. The Restart Rate value is used to return the process
to the last operating setpoint prior to power loss.
A second analog value is available for each segment of the program. It is
a fixed soak value and can be used to provide a setpoint value for a
secondary control loop in the process.
This is the engineering unit text associated with the AUX OUT.
Fast Forward is a way to check for proper functioning of the profile's
events and outputs, without having to wait for the profile to execute at its
normal speed. When FAST FORWARD is ON, the program will run at a
speed 60 times faster. When FAST FORWARD is OFF, the program will
run at normal speed.
900 Control Station User Guide
Revision 9
May 2014


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