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Honeywell 900 User Manual Page 155

Control station.
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Step Information
Step number
Elapsed Time
Time Remaining
Advances to step
Operation Buttons
Sequence load/view/edit/save
Load From Sequence List
Start at step
Save To Sequence List
View/Edit Sequence
Revision 9
May 2014
Current step number
Time elapsed in the step. Run time only.
Time remaining in the current step.
The sequence will Advance to this step.
Run a sequence that is in HOLD or READY state.
Put sequence in HOLD.
Advance to the step indicated by Advances to Step.
When the sequence is already in the last step, the advance request is
Sequences cannot be advanced to the first step. Current state must
either READY or HOLD.
Reset a HOLD or STOP sequence to the first step. Any edits made to the
sequence are lost unless they were saved. See Save To Sequence
Loads a sequence from memory into the Sequencer. Sequencer must be
in READY state.
You are presented with a list of sequences (recipes) in controller memory.
Scroll to the desired sequence and touch to highlight it. Touch Load
Sequence to load it into the Sequencer. Loading a sequence overwrites
the current sequence from the Sequencer.
To erase the currently loaded sequence from the Sequencer, select
<Clear Sequence> and load it. When the sequence is cleared, any edits
are lost unless you saved them first with Save To Sequence Number.
See Figure 9 Recipe Load on page 128. All recipe types (profiles,
sequences, schedules) are saved the same way.
After loading, the sequence will start at this step. Subsequent runs will
start at Step #1.
Saves the currently running sequence (and any edits) to a selected slot in
controller memory. Scroll to the desired slot in the controller's sequence
memory. Once saved, it can be loaded and run later.
See Figure 10 Recipe Save on page 128. All recipe types (profiles,
schedules, sequences) are saved the same way.
Press to view/edit the current sequence. Edits take effect immediately in
the current sequence but they are not saved to sequence memory. When
the sequence is RESET, any edits are lost unless you saved them first
with Save To Sequence Number. See View/Edit Sequence on page 144.
900 Control Station User Guide
Sequencer Operate


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