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Quick Menu - Bosch DIVAR 2000 Installation Manual

Network/hybrid video recorder
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Instant playback, Zoom, and Snapshot
Move the mouse to the top of a camera display to show the control bar:
Click an icon for the following functions:

Quick menu

When in live viewing mode, right-click the mouse for the Quick menu. Options here are:
View 1, 4, 8, 9, 16, 32 – choose here the number of view windows shown on Monitor A (one-
window, four-windows, nine-windows, 16-windows or 32-windows). For each window view,
select also which channels (cameras) to display
View monitor B (optional) – a popup appears where you can assign the view windows and
channels for images to be shown on monitor B
Pan/Tilt/Zoom – only possible if you have a PTZ camera attached and configured
Playback – search for records, and play/export them
Event search – search for events (alarms), and play/export them
2016.08 | v1.0 | AM18-Q0712
Instant playback
Playback the previous 1-60 minutes recorded on the current
channel (default is 5 minutes). Click the play bar to any playback
start time (use the pause and exit functions as required). During
Set the playback time in Main menu > Setting > Playback.
Note: The system may pop up a dialog box if there is no
recorded data for the current channel, or you need to accept a
disclaimer before playing.
Make a snapshot of the current channel display. The system will
ask to export the snapshot to an email address, a USB memory
device, and/or a DVD:
Note: A disclaimer screen may initially appear when you first
select Snapshot (click <Accept> to continue).
Zoom in on a specified zone of current channel (also supported
in multiple-channel view).
Installation Manual
channel id and record status of current channel are hidden
(they only reappear once you exit preview playback)
you can not switch the displayed channel or change current
window-display mode
Click the Zoom icon - it will change to
Hold down the left mouse button while selecting a screen
Release the button to zoom in on the selected area.
Right-click the mouse to exit the zoomed area.
Exit the zoom function by clicking on the icon again – it will
change back to
DIVAR 2000 / DIVAR 3000 / DIVAR
Bosch Security Systems


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