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Main Menu; Maintenance; Insert Divar 5000 In Rack - Bosch DIVAR 2000 Installation Manual

Network/hybrid video recorder
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DIVAR 2000 / DIVAR 3000 / DIVAR
Snapshot – make a snapshot of the current live camera images:
Sequence on – activate a camera tour sequence on Monitor A (to disable the sequence,
access Quick Menu again and select 'Sequence off')
Alarm output – access the alarm output screen to configure the alarm output relays
Logout user – logout the current user (a popup appears to confirm logout)
Main menu – for settings and user modes
The Pan/Tilt/Zoom setting applies for the currently selected channel. If you are in multiple-
window mode, the system automatically switches to the corresponding channel.

Main menu

Access the Main menu as follows:
Here you can select the following sub-menus:



Insert DIVAR 5000 in rack

Bosch Security Systems
A disclaimer screen may initially appear when you select Snapshot (click <Accept> to
Choose to export the snapshot to an email address, a USB memory device, and/or a DVD.
Use the Enter key and the direction buttons on the front panel or the remote control
Right-click the mouse for the quick menu and select 'Main menu'
Playback to play recordings
Event search to search for events/alarms over a set period (all events can be previewed,
played and exported as required)
Export to export your recorded files to a memory device
Setting for system configuration
Info for relevant system status information
Shutdown - shutdown or restart your system, plus logout
Remove the four cross head screws (two on each side) located near the front panel on
the right and left side of the unit.
Secure the supplied brackets to each side using the same four cross head screws (two on
each side) that were just removed.
To install several units directly on top of each other, remove the rubber feet from under
the unit by prying them loose with a small screwdriver.
Install the unit into the rack using the hardware supplied with the rack and following the
rack manufacturer's instructions.
Installation Manual
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2016.08 | v1.0 | AM18-Q0712


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