Troubleshooting - Electrolux 56SB Instruction Manual

Gas cookers
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6. Troubleshooting

Customer support
If your cooker has operation problems, before calling the Service Station, check below if the cause of the
failure is not simple to be resolved or if it is not a use failure, which can be easily and quickly corrected,
without wait for a technician.
Oven does not work
(it does not turn on)
Smoke comes out of
the oven
Oven lamp does not
There is moisture
formation in food
and inside the oven
Roast too slow/too
Cooktop burner
does not light
Glue residue
Grill does not work
(does not on)
Burner does not
stay lighted
Oven door misty
When the suggested solutions are not sufficient, call an Electrolux Service Station.
Possible causes
Control knobs were not properly
selected for cooking.
Either circuit breaker is off or
there is no power.
Gas valve is closed.
Red/yellow flame.
The oven is dirty due to fat or
Lamp is burned/no lamp.
Foods are left for a long time
in the oven after the cooking
Cooking times and selected
temperature are not correct.
The spreader is misplaced.
Glue residue from labels.
Select switch in position other
than the voltage of your home.
The timer is not activated.
Blockage gas system was no
properly deactivated.
Moisture between glasses.
Check knobs and repeat operations indicated on
chapter "How to use".
Connect the circuit breaker or call an electrician
or your trust.
Open the gas valve.
Make sure the gas is not finishing or if there is
no dirt/moisture in the burner.
Clean the oven after each use according to the
chapter "Cleaning and Maintenance".
Buy a E14 lamp at any Electrolux Service
Station and replace/install it. Do it according to
the chapter "How to use - Installation, cleaning
or lamp replacement" and make sure it is firmly
Make sure the plug is plugged in and if there
is power at the socket. Make sure the circuit
breaker is connected.
Do not let foods inside the oven over than 15
minutes after cooking finish.
See "Tips and Advice - Times and Temperatures
Table". Check if the gas is not finishing. Preheat,
put food inside the oven and keep the high
temperature during 6 or 8 minutes. After that,
adjust to the recommended temperature at
Times and Temperatures Table.
Place the burners properly.
Remove the labels before using the cooker. Use a
soft sponge and multi-purpose liquid cleaner.
Place the selector switch into 127V or 220V,
according to the voltage in your home.
Determine the running time of the timer.
After lighting the burner, keep control knob
pressed during 10 seconds to disable the
blockage gas system.
Depending on atmospheric conditions it is normal.
Turn the oven on and wait a few minutes

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