Oven Lighting - Electrolux 56SB Instruction Manual

Gas cookers
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4. How to Use
Before using the cooker for the first time
Carefully remove the plastic film from stainless steel,
clean and remove any residual adhesive as orientation
on page 33. The thermal insulation of the oven can
produce smoke and characteristic odors during the first
minutes of operation. In models with grill, turn the grill
ON for 3 minutes before first use (check if your product
have that component in the specifications table on page
40). In the first use, heat the empty oven for about 45
minutes, in the maximum temperature.
Let it cool and then clean the inner part of the oven
with warm water. All accessories, including shelves,
must be washed before first use.
Gas control knob
The burners operation knobs are installed in the
control panel.
Control panel
Burner position
Automatic lighting
Lighting of oven lamp
Burners control knobs
Closed (initial position)
Oven control knob
Grill actuation
Timer knob
* For models 56SB/SX and 76SB/SX, the
minimum temperature of oven is 180 ºC.
Glass lid
Let burners, grigs and
lowering the glass lid.
Never light the burners
if the lid is lowered. The
heat of the flame or of
the cooktop parts can
break the glass lid. The function of the cooker
lid, when lowered, is to protect the surface from
dust accumulation and, when lifted, to avoid fat
splatters on the wall.
Do not use the cooker lid as a work surface and
do not place heavy or hot objects on the glass
lid (limit of 3 kg and 50 °C).
Burners lighting
To facilitate ignition, light the burner
before putting the pan on the grid.
Automatic lighting
1. Actuate the spark, keeping the
button pressed (fig. 1);
2. Press the knob and turn it
3. Then adjust the flame
according as desired. If after
a few attempts it does not
light, check if the caps (Fig. 2
"A") and the spreaders (Fig.
2"B") are properly seated in
the base.
To stop the gas supply turn
the knob clockwise to the
of power failure, to turn a
burner on, approach a flame
(burning match), press the
corresponding knob and turn it
counterclockwise until the maximum position.

Oven lighting

Before turning the oven on, open the cooker
door completely. After that, the door must remain
open for about 1 minute, to allow proper oven
oxygenation. Close the door and do preheating
before putting some food inside the oven.
Automatic oven lightening:
1. Actuate the spark, keeping the button pressed;
2. Press the oven knob and turn it counterclockwise;
3. After lightening it, keep knob pressed for 10
seconds, otherwise, safety device blocks the gas
and flameout.
A - Cap
B - Spreader
C - Spark plug
D - Base

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