Positioning The Cooker - Electrolux 56SB Instruction Manual

Gas cookers
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3. Installation
For your tranquility, Electrolux has a highly
qualified Service Station Network to install your
cooker. Contact Service Station Electrolux, which
are in relation found next to this instructions
manual. For this service, a fee will be charged.
This installation does not cover services like
place preparation (eg. power grid, electrical and
hydraulic connections, masonry, sewer, plugs,
etc.) as they are customer responsibility.
If you prefer, you can even install your cooker,
but you need to follow the instructions in this
manual step by step.
Check before, on the identification label located
in the back of the cooker:
- The supply voltage (127/220V);
- The gas type;
For safety, our products leave
the factory into 220V; therefore,
before connecting, check the
voltage of the plug and turn the
selector switch located on the
back of the appliance into 127V
or 220V position, according to
the voltage in your home.
Do not change the selector
switch with the appliance plugged on.
If you need to change the wiring, you must call
a qualified person in accordance with current
Conditions of installation place
The use of a gas coker produces heat and
moisture at the place where it is installed.
Make sure there is air circulation in the installation
room, keeping natural ventilation or installing an
air extractor.
A poor ventilation produces a lack of oxygenation,
which is harmful to the performance of the cooker
and to the health.
Intensive and prolonged use of the cooker
requires an additional ventilation, eg. opening of
a window or an effective ventilation to increase
the air flow.
The air currents should not hinder the proper
functioning of the cooker or tuern the flame out.

Positioning the cooker

After removing the packaging,
carefully remove all plastic
film, mainly of the cooktop,
where it protects the stainless
steel. Do not use the cooker
with this film because it can
damage the stainless steel.
The heat melts the film and
its removal becomes too hard.
After removing the film, clean
the cooktop, according to
"Cleaning and Maintenance"
Avoid installing the cooker
next to the fridge. If in doubt,
refer to the fridge manual.
Turn the leveling leg under
the plastic cover to adjust the
height of the support feet,
adjusting the cooker according
to the height of the existing
furniture. The cooker should
not be positioned below the
top of the furniture as it may
difficult the proper operation of the product and
cause accidents.
Do not remove the leveling leg.
Respect the height of 80 to 85 cm between the
cooker and a furniture, an air cleaner or hood
above the cooker.
Place the burners and its components and grids
in their proper places in the cooktop.
If possible, install the gas cylinder out of
the kitchen, in a protected location and well
Install your product and keep a minimum distance
of 3 cm on each side of the cooker according to
the picture above.
This cooker was not developed to be
built-in. During installation, observe the
minimum distance of 3 cm on each side to
avoid accidents.
Cooker leveling
To prevent malfunctions, especially when roasting
food in the oven, it is important the cooker is
leveled. To do this, put a cake form with water on
the grids (trivets) and observe if the water level
is aligned with the edge of the form. If it is not,
turn the cooker frontal feets until the water level is
aligned with the edge of the form.

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