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Text-to-speech Options; Pointer Speed - Samsung Galaxy S4 mini User Manual

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Speech output: Choose options for speech output.
Block offensive words: When enabled, words many people find offensive are not
shown in results of Google voice searches. Offensive words are replaced in results
with a placeholder (####).
Offline speech recognition: Download speech recognition, to enable voice input
while offline.
Personalized recognition: When enabled, Google uses your personalized
information to improve speech recognition.
Bluetooth headset: Record audio through a Bluetooth headset, when using an
optional Bluetooth headset (not included), paired with your phone.

Text-To-Speech Options

Text-to-speech (TTS) provides audible readout of text, such as the contents of text messages.
1. Press
2. Touch Language and input, and then touch Text-to-speech options:
Preferred TTS engine: Select Samsung text-to-speech engine, or Google Text-
to-speech Engine. Touch
Speech rate: Choose a rate for text readouts.
Listen to an example: Play an example of speech used for readouts.
Default language status: Display the status of supported languages (not

Pointer Speed

Set the pointer speed for an externally connected mouse or track pad (not included).
1. Press
2. Touch Language and input, and then touch Pointer speed to set the pointer speed.
Touch OK to save your selection.
and touch
> Settings > My device tab.
to configure options.
and touch
> Settings > My device tab.


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