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Samsung Keyboard Settings - Samsung Galaxy S4 mini User Manual

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Samsung Keyboard Settings

The Samsung Keyboard is an on-screen QWERTY keyboard, so you can enter text by "typing"
on the keyboard. Samsung keyboard is enabled by default, and you can choose options for
using it.
1. Press
2. Touch Language and input, and then touch
configure these options:
Input languages: Choose language(s) for use with Samsung keyboard. When you
have more than one language enabled, you can slide your finger on the space bar
while entering text to switch languages.
Predictive text: Touch the OFF/ON switch to turn predictive text on or off. Predictive
text suggests words matching your text entries, and optionally, complete common
words automatically. Touch Predictive text to configure options:
Live word update: When enabled, Samsung Keyboard updates with popular
new words every day.
Personalised data: When enabled, predictive text uses personal language data
you have entered to make better predictions. Samsung keyboard can collect all
the text you enter, including personal data and credit card numbers, in order to
give better prediction results.
Learn from Facebook: Log into Facebook to allow your phone to learn from
your Facebook postings.
Learn from Gmail: Log into Gmail to allow your phone to learn from your Gmail
Learn from Twitter: Log into Twitter to allow your phone to learn from your
Twitter postings.
Learn from Messages: Allow your phone to learn from your text and multimedia
Learn from Contacts: Allow your phone to learn from your Contacts entries.
Clear server data: Delete your information stored on the personalization server.
Clear personalised data: Remove all personalized data you have entered.
Privacy policy: Read the privacy policy.
Auto capitalisation: When enabled, predictive text automatically capitalizes words
in your text based on common usage, such as at the beginning of sentences.
and touch
> Settings > My device tab.
next to Samsung keyboard to


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