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Motions And Gestures; Smart Screen - Samsung Galaxy S4 mini User Manual

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Motions and Gestures

Configure various motion and gestures services.
1. Press
2. Touch Motions and gestures to configure features. Touch the OFF/ON switch to turn a
feature on, and then touch the feature to configure options:
Motion: Control your phone with natural movements, like putting the phone to your
ear to call a displayed contact.
Direct call: Lift the phone to your ear while viewing a contact to call the contact.
Smart alert: Lift the phone to receive notifications of missed calls and
notifications that occurred while the phone was stationary.
Zoom: Tilt the phone to zoom in or out when viewing pictures in Gallery.
Move an icon: Move the phone left or right while touching an icon to reposition it
to another page.
Browse an image: Move the phone in a side-to-side motion to pan from side to
side while viewing an image.
Mute/pause: Mute incoming calls and pause playback by turning the phone
screen-side down.
Palm motion: Control the phone by touching the screen with the palm of your hand.
Mute/pause: Mute incoming calls and pause playback by covering the screen
with your hand.

Smart Screen

Use Smart screen options to have your phone automatically adjust screen timeout, rotation
when it detects you are looking at the screen, and control scrolling and playback based whether
you are facing the screen.
Smart screen options use the front camera to detect when you are facing the screen. Some
factors that may affect the ability of the front camera to detect your face are:
When the phone is not docked or held upright, for example when placed on a table.
When the front camera cannot detect your face and eyes.
When the front camera is being used for the current application.
When the source of light is behind you, or when using the phone in the dark.
and touch
> Settings > My device tab.


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