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Replace The Interference Filter; Replace Toothed Drive Wheel; Replace Appliance Switch; Replace The Spray Hose - Kärcher PW 20 Service Manual

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5.2.3 Replace the interference filter

Remove the motor as described in Chapter 5.2.2.
1 Motor connection plug
2 Cable connector screw, noise filter
3 Anti-interference filter
4 Connecting cable, noise filter
Pull the motor connection plug from the motor.
Unscrew the cable connector screw from the noise
filter on the motor.
Remove the connecting cable from the appliance
switch/safety switch.
Install the new noise filter in reverse order.
Install the motor as described in Chapter 5.2.2.

5.2.4 Replace toothed drive wheel

The removal of the toothed drive wheel is described
in the Chapter 5.5.2.

5.2.5 Replace appliance switch

1 Power switch
Push out the appliance switch from the casing us-
ing a screwdriver.
1 Connecting cable (4x), appliance switch
Remove the appliance switch from the casing.
In order to avoid failures, remember the plug connec-
tions of the different connecting cables on the appli-
ance switch.
Remove all four connecting cable from the appli-
ance switch.
Replace the appliance switch and install it in re-
verse order.

5.2.6 Replace the spray hose

1 Spray hose
2 Lock nut
3 Spray nozzle
Place the PW 30/1 on its back.
Unscrew the knurled nut.
Pull the spray hose from the spray nozzle.
English 5.906-507.0 Rev. 00 (08/10)



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