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PW 20, PW 30/1
Service Manual
English 5.906-507.0 Rev. 00 (08/10)


Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for Kärcher PW 20

  • Page 1 PW 20, PW 30/1 Service Manual English 5.906-507.0 Rev. 00 (08/10)
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Technical Features Required tools Parts of the system Basic settings and service procedures 5.1.1 Remove the covering plate 5.1.2 Replacing the brush roller - PW 20 5.1.3 Replace the brush motor 5.1.4 Replacing the mains cable 5.1.5 Replace the interference filter 5.1.6...
  • Page 3: Preface

    Possible hazardous situation that could lead to mild injury to persons or damage to property. Note indicates useful tips and important information. Technical Features Structure: Brush width PW 20: 290 mm – Brush width PW 30/1: 315 mm – Drive motor, shielded, with built-in overload fuse. –...
  • Page 4: Parts Of The System

    Parts of the system 4.1 PW 20 1 Casing 2 Power cord 3 Spray hose 4 Power switch 5 Running roller 6 Safety switch 7 Mount for swivel arm 8 Valve handle 9 Suction pipe 10 Carrying handle 1 Brush roller...
  • Page 5 4.2 PW 30/1 1 Power switch 2 Holding plate 3 Running roller 4 Safety switch 5 Hood 6 Casing 7 Spray hose 8 Valve handle 9 Suction pipe 10 Power cord 1 Running roller 2 Brush roller 3 Spray hose 4 Spray nozzle English 5.906-507.0 Rev.
  • Page 6: Basic Settings And Service Procedures

    5.1.1 Remove the covering plate 12 Anti-interference filter 5.1.2 Replacing the brush roller - PW 20 Place the PW 20 on its back and swivel up the brush roller Unscrew and withdraw both bolts on the front of the brush.
  • Page 7: Replacing The Mains Cable

    Remove the connecting cable from the brush mo- 5.2 PW 30/1 tor. 5.2.1 Replacing the brush roller Unscrew the fastening screws (2x) for the brush motor. Remove the brush motor. Install the new brush motor in reverse sequence. 5.1.4 Replacing the mains cable 1 Brush roller 2 Brush roller cover 3 Fastening screws...
  • Page 8 3 Toothed drive wheel Remove the toothed belts from the toothed wheels. Pull the brush roller out of the brush head. 1 Toothed wheel, brush roller Install the new brush roller in reverse order. 2 Fastening screw, brush roller 3 Gear belt 4 Toothed drive wheel Insert the brush roller into the guide bore of the brush roller cover plate.
  • Page 9: Replace The Motor

    1 Fastening screw, brush roller Tension the toothed belt at the fastening screw and tighten the fastening screw using suitable Remove the fastening screw from the brush roller. tools. Screw in the toothed belt cover. 5.2.2 Replace the motor. 1 Toothed wheel, brush roller 2 Gear belt 3 Toothed drive wheel Remove the toothed belts from the toothed...
  • Page 10 Remove the connector from the motor. Pull the motor connection plug from the motor. Unscrew the cable connector screw from the noise filter on the motor. 1 Motor holder 2 Fastening screws, motor support Unscrew locking screws. 1 Protective cap (2x) 2 Motor fastening screws (2x) Remove the protective caps from the motor fas- tening screws.
  • Page 11: Replace The Interference Filter

    5.2.3 Replace the interference filter Remove the motor as described in Chapter 5.2.2. 1 Connecting cable (4x), appliance switch Remove the appliance switch from the casing. Note 1 Motor connection plug In order to avoid failures, remember the plug connec- 2 Cable connector screw, noise filter tions of the different connecting cables on the appli- 3 Anti-interference filter...
  • Page 12: Replace The Spray Nozzle

    1 Hexagonal (SW 13) 1 Spray valve 2 Spray nozzle (SW 10) 2 Spray hose Hold the hexagonal with the wrench (SW 13). 3 Lock nut Unscrew the spray nozzle using a wrench (SW Unscrew the knurled nut. 10). Pull the spray hose from the spray nozzle. Replace the spray nozzle and install it in reverse order.
  • Page 13: Replacing The Mains Cable

    5.2.9 Replacing the mains cable 5.2.11Reset the safety switch Remove the motor as described in Chapter 5.2.2. Remove the mains cable from the connector on the motor. The safety switch is an overload protector switch and is located underneath the protective cap (arrow). If the brush roller is blocked, the safety switch will Loosen the hexagonal (arrow).
  • Page 14: Maintenance And Care

    6.1 After each operation 7.1 Brush is blocked Rinse PW 20 or PW 30/1 with clear water. Note Clean the brush roller of lint and dirt. If the brush is blocked, the brush motor is shut off.
  • Page 15: Circuit Diagram

    Circuit diagram 9.1 PW 20 English 5.906-507.0 Rev. 00 (08/10)
  • Page 16 9.2 PW 30/1 English 5.906-507.0 Rev. 00 (08/10)

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