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Nokia NAVIGATOR 6210 User Manual: Usb Connection

Nokia cell phone user manual.
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Send data
1. Open the application where the item you want to send is saved.
2. Scroll to the item you want to send, and select Options > Send > Via Bluetooth.
3. The device starts to search for devices within range. Paired devices are shown with
Some devices may show only the unique device addresses. To find out the unique address
of your device, enter the code *#2820# in the standby mode.
If you have searched for devices earlier, a list of devices found previously is shown.
To start a new search, select More devices.
4. Select the device with which you want to connect.
5. If the other device requires pairing before data can be transmitted, a tone sounds and
you are asked to enter a passcode. Create your own passcode and share the passcode
with the owner of the other device. You do not have to memorize the passcode.
Pair and block devices
To open a list of paired devices, in the Bluetooth view, scroll right to Paired devices.
To pair with a device, select Options > New paired device, select the device with which to
pair, and exchange passcodes.
To cancel pairing, scroll to the device whose pairing you want to cancel, and press the
clear key. If you want to cancel all pairings, select Options > Delete all.
To set a device to be authorized, scroll to the device, and select Options > Set as authorized.
Connections between your device and an authorized device can be made without your
knowledge. Use this status only for your own devices to which others do not have access, for
example, your PC or devices that belong to someone you trust.
authorized devices in the paired devices view.
To block connections from a device, in the paired devices view, select the device and Block.
To view a list of blocked devices, scroll right to Blocked devices. To unblock a device, scroll to
the device, and select Delete.
Receive data
When you receive data using Bluetooth technology, you are asked if you want to accept the
message. If you accept, the item is placed in inbox in Messaging.

USB connection

Connect the USB data cable to establish a data connection between the device and a
compatible PC.
> Settings > Connectivity > USB and from the following:
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