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Nokia NAVIGATOR 6210 User Manual: Radio

Nokia cell phone user manual.
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Fully downloaded podcasts are saved in the Podcasts folder in Music player when the music
library is refreshed.
Play and manage podcasts
To display the episodes from a podcast, open the podcast. Under each episode, you can see
the file information.
To play a fully downloaded episode, select
To update the selected podcast or marked podcasts, for a new episode, select Options > Update.
To add a new podcast by entering the URL of the podcast, select Options > New podcast.
To edit the URL of a selected podcast, select Edit.
To update, delete, and send a group of selected podcasts at once, select Options >
Mark/Unmark, mark the podcasts, and select Options and the desired action.
To open the website of the podcast (network service), select Options > Open web page.
Some podcasts provide the opportunity to interact with the creators by commenting and
voting. To connect to the internet to do this, select Options > View comments.


To turn on the radio, select
When you turn on the radio for the first time, a wizard helps you to save local radio stations
(network service).
For availability and costs of the visual service and station directory services, contact your
service provider.
The FM radio depends on an antenna other than the wireless device antenna. A compatible
headset or enhancement needs to be attached to the device for the FM radio to function properly.
Warning: Listen to music at a moderate level. Continuous exposure to high volume
may damage your hearing. Do not hold the device near your ear when the loudspeaker
is in use, because the volume may be extremely loud.
The radio supports Radio Data System (RDS) functionality. Radio stations supporting RDS
may display information, such as the name of the station. If activated in the settings, RDS
also attempts to scan for an alternative frequency for the currently playing station, if the
reception is weak. To set your device automatically search for alternative frequencies, select
Options > Settings > Alternative frequencies > Auto scan on.
Tune and save a radio station
To start the station search when the radio is on, scroll up or down. To save the station when
a station is found, select Options > Save station. Select a location for the station, enter the
name for it, and select OK.
> Applications > Music player > Podcasts.
> Applications > Radio. To turn the radio off, select Exit.



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