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Nokia NAVIGATOR 6210 User Manual: Touch Dialing; Call Mailbox; Voice Dialing; Make A Conference Call

Nokia cell phone user manual.
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1-touch dialing

The 1-touch dialing feature is a quick way to call frequently used numbers from the standby
mode. You need to assign a phone number to the 1-touch dialing keys 2 to 9 (the 1 is reserved
for the voice call mailbox), and set 1-touch dialing to On.
To assign a phone number to a 1-touch dialing key, select
a key icon, and select Assign and the contact to whom you want to assign the 1-touch dialing
key. For information on adding a contact, see "Save and manage contact information," p. 32.
To change the number, select Options > Change.
To activate 1-touch dialing, select
dialing > On.
To call a 1-touch dialing number, press and hold the 1-touch dialing key until the call begins.

Call mailbox

To call your voice mailbox (network service), from the standby mode, press and hold 1.
You can have call mailboxes for voice calls and multiple phone lines.
To define the call mailbox number if no number is set, select
Scroll to Voice mailbox, and enter the corresponding mailbox number. To change the call
mailbox number, select Options > Change number. For the call mailbox number, contact
your service provider.

Voice dialing

A voice tag is added automatically to all entries in Contacts. Use long names, and avoid
similar names for different numbers.
Make a voice dialing call
Voice tags are sensitive to background noise. Use voice tags in a quiet environment.
Note: Using voice tags may be difficult in a noisy environment or during an
emergency, so you should not rely solely upon voice dialling in all circumstances.
1. In the standby mode, press and hold the right selection key.
If you are using a compatible headset with the headset key, press and hold the
headset key.
2. When Speak now is displayed, speak the voice command clearly. The device plays the
voice command of the best match. After 1.5 seconds, the device dials the number; if the
result is not the correct one, before dialling select another entry.

Make a conference call

Your device supports conference calls (network service) between a maximum of six
participants, including yourself.
> Settings > Phone sett. > Phone > Call > 1-touch
> Settings > 1-touch. Scroll to
> Settings > Call mailbox.



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