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to your new phone, designed for
Vodafone Mobile
get everything you love about the internet,
wherever you are, whenever you want.
Life is short, so we'll assume that you've
used a mobile phone before. This
quick guide will just focus on the
things that might be different.
We'll also show you some of the
other features and services that you
can use to
make the most of
If you need more help, see your
phone's User Guide or your local
Vodafone website.
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Internet. Now you can
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   Summary of Contents for Nokia 6210

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Welcome to your new phone, designed for Vodafone Mobile Internet. Now you can get everything you love about the internet, wherever you are, whenever you want. Life is short, so we’ll assume that you’ve used a mobile phone before. This Setting up your phone quick guide will just focus on the What the keys do...

  • Page 2: Setting Up Your Phone

    Setting up your phone Before you can start exploring your new phone, you’ll need to set it up. • Insert your Vodafone SIM card as shown. Make sure the gold contacts and the cut-off corner are positioned correctly. • Replace the battery and cover as shown, and charge it if necessary.

  • Page 3: What The Keys Do

    What the keys The navigation key. Press the edges to move around menus and icons. Pressing the centre ( ) selects the centre option (usually Open) shown at the bottom of the screen. You can sometimes use it as a scroll key. Rub your finger in a circular motion around the edge of the key to move through some media files and other lists. Dialled The Call key makes and answers calls. In the Home screen, it opens numbers (press tu for other calls).

  • Page 4

    What the keys do Micro USB port Charging port Headphones port Volume keys/Camera zoom Memory card slot Camera key Poker UK.indd 4 9/6/08 14:52:21...

  • Page 5: Home Screen Toolbar

    Home screen toolbar Now you can quickly move around your phone, Mobile Internet and check your messages and calls, simply For quick and easy access to using the toolbar in the Home screen. Vodafone live!, and other useful internet applications. Music Highlight any of the toolbar icons and press to open it.

  • Page 6: Entering Text

    Entering text Different phones sometimes use different ways of entering text, but it doesn’t take long to get used to it. Switching text entry modes Symbols and numbers • Pressing the # key scrolls through the predictive text • Press the key for commonly-used symbols.

  • Page 7: Other Differences

    Other differences Here are some more differences you may find 3G (also known as UMTS) between this phone and your last one. The Vodafone 3G network is a more modern, faster mobile network. As well as letting you make video calls, you should also find that downloads are significantly quicker, videos and music can be streamed straight to your phone, and browsing in Vodafone live! and the mobile internet should be much snappier.

  • Page 8: Making Voice And Video Calls

    Making voice and video calls Even though you’ r e miles apart, now you can Adjust a video call talk face to face. Press Options for settings and other options, such as swapping screens, and turning the camera on and off. Answer a call •...

  • Page 9: Using The Camera

    Using the camera How many times have you thought ‘If only I had a camera with me’? Sometimes, a picture can say more than a thousand words. With your phone’s 3.2 megapixel camera, now it’s easy to capture that moment. And it’s just as easy to share it. Take a photo or video Turn the camera on •...

  • Page 10: Sending Messages And Emails

    Sending messages emails Multimedia Slide 1/1 The best time to share your thoughts, photos Create your message and videos is now. Hi there - wait till you • Press q to highlight the Text see this! box, and write your message using the keypad.

  • Page 11

    Messaging > Inbox. Applications • To view your messages, go to • Go to the main menu with the key, select the Folder. Click on the icon Vodafone Email , select Install, My Mail and follow the screens. My Mail is a new service from Vodafone that delivers your email •...

  • Page 12: Vodafone Mobile Internet

    Vodafone Mobile Internet The internet is now mobile. • If the page you’re viewing is larger than can be shown on the screen, the Page overview feature shows an overlay of the whole page (press to enable or disable this feature). Options •...

  • Page 13

    the latest news and sport info, as it happens, with video clips and photos Search with Google™ to find pretty much anything With eBay and online shopping, you never need to miss a bargain Download full music tracks and videos, as well as ringtones, games, and wallpapers You’ve got mail?

  • Page 14: Downloading Stuff

    Downloading stuff Make your phone all your own by Use your download downloading new ringtones, games, music, • Find your download in the Gallery. wallpapers and more. • To set a sound as your new ringtone, highlight it and press Options >...

  • Page 15: Other Features And Services

    Other features services Find out about a few other things you can do • To keep your music playing in the background, press Then select Music to see the track playing, and other with your phone that you might not discover information.

  • Page 16

    Other features services There are many other Vodafone services that you may be able to use with your phone. Some services are not yet available in every country or on every phone. Please see the User Guide or your local Vodafone website to find out more. Mobile TV A great way to get video news and entertainment, TV shows and sport.

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