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Nokia NAVIGATOR 6210 User Manual: Close An Application; Volume Control; Display Rotation; Turning Control

Nokia cell phone user manual.
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Close an application

To close an application or a folder, select Back and Exit as many times as needed to return to
the standby mode, or select Options > Exit.
Leaving applications running in the background increases the demand on battery power and
reduces the battery life.

Volume control

To adjust the earpiece or loudspeaker volume during a call or when listening to an audio file,
press the volume keys. To activate or deactivate the loudspeaker during a call, select Loudsp.
or Handset.
Warning: Do not hold the device near your ear when the loudspeaker is in use,
because the volume may be extremely loud.

Display rotation

Your device has an accelerometer that senses the movement of the device.
To rotate the display content automatically when you turn the device on its left side or
back to a vertical position, select
Sensors On. Some applications and features may not support rotating the display content.

Turning control

To be able to silence calls and snooze alarms by turning the device so that the display
faces down, select
Select Turning control, and mark Silencing calls and Snoozing alarms.

Keypad lock (keyguard)

To lock the keypad when you close the slide, select
Slide handling > Keyguard activation > Change > On when closing slide.
To set the device to automatically lock the keypad after a certain time, select
Phone sett. > General > Security > Phone and SIM card > Keypad autolock period > User
defined and the desired time.
Opening the slide unlocks the keypad. To unlock the keypad when the slide is closed, press
the left selection key and select OK within 1.5 seconds.
When the device or keypad is locked, calls may be possible to the official emergency number
programmed into your device.
> Settings > Phone sett. > General > Sensor settings >
> Settings > Phone sett. > General > Sensor settings > Sensors > On.
> Settings > Phone sett. > General >
> Settings >



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