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Nokia NAVIGATOR 6210 User Manual: Assisted Gps; Set Up Gps Connection

Nokia cell phone user manual.
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The Global Positioning System (GPS) is operated by the government of the United States,
which is solely responsible for its accuracy and maintenance. The accuracy of location data
can be affected by adjustments to GPS satellites made by the United States government and
is subject to change with the United States Department of Defense civil GPS policy and the
Federal Radionavigation Plan. Accuracy can also be affected by poor satellite geometry.
Availability and quality of GPS signals may be affected by your location, buildings, natural
obstacles, and weather conditions. The GPS receiver should only be used outdoors to allow
reception of GPS signals.
Any GPS should not be used for precise location measurement, and you should never rely solely
on location data from the GPS receiver and cellular radio networks for positioning or navigation.

Assisted GPS

Assisted GPS (A-GPS) is used to retrieve assistance data over a packet data connection,
which assists in calculating the coordinates of your current location when your device is
receiving signals from satellites.
Your network operator may charge you for this connection according to your network
subscription. Contact your service provider for the correct internet access point and
charges related to the service.
To enable or disable a positioning method, such as A-GPS, select
General > Positioning > Positioning methods, the positioning method, and Enable or Disable.
Your device is preconfigured to use the Nokia A-GPS service, if no service provider-specific
A-GPS settings are available. The assistance data is retrieved from the Nokia A-GPS service
server only when needed.
To use A-GPS, you must have a packet data internet access point defined. Your device asks
for the internet access point when A-GPS is used for the first time. To define the access point,
see "Positioning settings," p. 34.

Set up GPS connection

Positioning settings
> Settings > Phone sett. > General > Positioning and from the following:
Positioning methods — to enable or disable different positioning methods
Positioning server — to edit positioning server settings. To select whether to allow automatic
connections to the positioning server, to be asked every time, or to never connect to the
positioning server, select Positioning server use. To define an access point for A-GPS, select
Access point. Only a packet data internet access point can be used. Your device asks for the
internet access point when A-GPS is used for the first time. To define the server used, select
Server address.
Notation preferences — to define the measurement system and coordinate format
> Settings > Phone sett. >



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