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Korg minilogue Owner's Manual: Step Recording

Polyphonic analogue synthesizer.
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Step Recording

Press the REC button in the SEQUENCER section while the sequencer is
"STEP REC" and "STEP 1" will be indicated in the display.
If the sequence has already been recorded, the note names will be indicated
in the display.
Select the step you wish to edit. Use buttons
use buttons 1–8 while holding the SHIFT button
Use the keyboard, REST button and other controls to edit the notes.
When you record a note, rest, or tie in step mode, the display will automati-
cally move to the next step.
Recording notes
The note name for the keys you press on the keyboard will be indicated in
the display. Check the note name in the display, and if it is correct, release
your finger to record that note and to move to the next step.
If the note name is not correct, just play the correct key while continuing
to hold down the wrong key. Check the note indicated in the display, and
take your finger off the keyboard to move to the next step.
You can also record chords that you play on the keyboard. The number of
notes in a chord will depend on the Voice mode of the current Program
("Voice modes", p. 23).
The note length during recording is determined by the Default Gate
Time value that is set in the SEQ EDIT mode. If you turn the PRO-
GRAM/ VALUE knob while playing the keyboard, the gate time for
only the note(s) you played will be changed when recording.
Recording a rest
You can record a rest by pressing the REST button.
Recording a tie
Press the REST button while holding down a key. The note will be tied to
the next note and recorded.
When the set number of steps have finished recording, step recording
will automatically end. Pressing the REC button at any step during re-
cording will stop the step recording at that step.
The number of steps is set for each Program, and you can change
the number of steps using the Step Length function in the SEQ EDIT
mode. For details, refer to "Step Length" (p. 37).
to select steps
1–8, and
to select steps


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