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Korg minilogue Owner's Manual Page 41

Polyphonic analogue synthesizer.
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Button 2 (GLOBAL 2)
These functions relate to performance aspects of the minilogue—knob opera-
tion, velocity curves, local settings, and more.
Knob Mode
The front panel knobs can operate in one of three modes:
Jump: When you turn the knob, the parameter value will jump to the value
indicated by the knob. Since this makes it easy to hear the results while editing,
we recommend that you use this setting.
Catch: Turning the knob will not change the parameter value until the knob
position matches the stored value. We recommend that you use this setting
when you don't want the sound to change abruptly, such as while performing.
Scale: When you turn the knob, the parameter value will increase or decrease in
a relative manner in the direction that it is turned. When you turn the knob and it
reaches the full extent of its motion, it will operate proportionate to the maximum
or minimum value of the parameter. Once the knob position matches the param-
eter value, the knob position and parameter value will subsequently be linked.
If the parameter value does not change
In some cases, the parameter value may not change or Motion Sequence re-
cording may not start, even when you turn the knob from left to right. This
means that the knob mode is set to "Catch".
In this case, the actual value of the parameter you're editing (the value
shown in the display) will not change unless it matches the position of the
knob. In Catch mode, the knob position and the value will be linked only
when the knob position reaches the actual value. This prevents an unnatu-
ral change in sound that is caused when a value suddenly changes.
Let's say that you've turned the knob to edit a certain parameter,
and that the knob is in the position shown.
The actual value of the parameter is at the position shown by the
The parameter value will not change until the knob position
reaches the triangle mark.
Once the knob has reached the position corresponding to the
actual value, the parameter value and the knob position will be
linked, and the value will change as you turn the knob.
Audio In
The audio input jack can be globally enabled or disabled.
Off: Any audio signals coming into the jack will be muted.
[Jump, Catch, Scale]
[Off, On]


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