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Korg minilogue Owner's Manual: Creating Sounds

Polyphonic analogue synthesizer.
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Creating Sounds

Editing a program means changing the Program's parameters to alter its
There are two way to create sounds on the minilogue.
• Select an existing Program that's close to the sound you want, and edit that
Program's parameters to achieve your own custom sound.
• You can also initialize all the Program parameters or use the Panel Load func-
tion to create your own sound from scratch.
Editing an Existing Program
In Program mode, select the Program that you want to use as a starting
Use the knobs and switches on the front panel.
Take a moment to consider the differences between the current Program
and the sound you have in mind, and use the front panel controls to edit
the necessary parameters.
For details on how the pitch, sound, and volume change when using the
knobs and switches, refer to "Basic Parameter Editing" (p. 14).
We recommend that you save the Program on the minilogue after
editing the sound. Any edits that you make will be lost if you turn off
the power or recall a different Program. For details, refer to "Saving a
Program" (p. 13).
Creating a Program from Scratch
To create a sound from scratch, we recommend that you use the Panel Load
function. This will load the current settings of each front panel control and
provide a simple starting point for your iconic creations.
As you explore the front panel controls, you can see how each parameter will
affect the sound, making it easier to understand how each section of the mini-
logue functions and how the parameters interact.
Panel Load function
Press the PLAY button while holding down the SHIFT button. The sound will
change to reflect the panel settings, and "Load Panel" will be indicated in the


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