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• Before cleaning the unit, be sure to stop the op-
eration and disconnect the power supply.
• Do not pour water or cleaning solvent on the unit
directly, or wash the unit with them.
• Do not expose the unit body to liquid insecticides
or hair sprays.
• Keep the surroundings of the outdoor unit clean
and tidy, and do not place anything around it. If
it is covered with fallen leaves, there could be an
infiltration of small animals or insects which in
contact with internal electrical components may
lead to product malfunction.
• Do not stand on unstable steps when operating or
cleaning the air conditioner. It may overturn and
can cause injuries.
When used for extended periods, the unit may accumulate dirt
inside, reducing its performance. We recommend that the unit be
inspected regularly, in addition to your own cleaning and care.
For more information, consult authorized service personnel.
• Do not use scouring cleanser, volatile solvents such as
benzene or thinner.


If an error occurs, the power indicator (green) blinks and the
following screen will be shown.
If "Error" is displayed, immediately stop the air conditioner
operation, and consult authorized service personnel.
Address number of the relevant indoor unit
R.C. address : 00
9381067121_OM_EN.indd 31
Mo 10:00


Instructions relating to heating (*) are applicable only to
Heating and Cooling model (Reverse Cycle).
• In the event of a malfunction (burning smell, etc.),
immediately stop operation, turn off the electrical
breaker, and consult authorized service personnel.
• Merely turning off the unit's power switch will not
completely disconnect the unit from the power
source. Always be sure to turn off the electrical
breaker to ensure that power is completely off.

9-1. Troubleshooting (general)

Before requesting service, perform the following checks:
z Normal function
Does not operate immediately
• If the unit is stopped and then immediately started again,
the compressor will not operate for about 3 minutes, in
order to prevent fuse blowouts.
• Whenever the electrical breaker is turned off then on
again, the protection circuit will operate for about
3 minutes, preventing unit operation during that period.
Noise is heard
• During operation and immediately after stopping the unit,
the sound of water flowing in the air conditioner's piping
may be heard. Also, noise may be particularly noticeable
for about 2 to 3 minutes after starting operation (sound
of coolant flowing).
* • During heating operation, a sizzling sound may be heard
occasionally. This sound is produced by the automatic
defrosting operation.
• Some smell may be emitted from the indoor unit. This
smell is the result of room smells (furniture, tobacco,
etc.) which have been taken into the air conditioner.
Mist or steam are emitted
• During cooling or dry operation, a thin mist may be seen
emitted from the indoor unit. This results from the sud-
den cooling of room air by the air emitted from the air
conditioner, resulting in condensation and misting.
* • During heating operation, the outdoor unit's fan may
stop, and steam may be seen rising from the unit. This is
due to the automatic defrosting operation.
Airflow is weak or stops
* • When heating operation is started, fan speed is tempo-
rarily very low, to allow internal parts to warm up.
* • During heating operation, if the room temperature rises
above the thermostat setting, the outdoor unit will stop,
and the indoor unit will operate at very low fan speed. If
you wish to warm the room further, set the thermostat to
a higher setting.
* • During heating operation, the unit will temporarily stop op-
eration (maximum 15 minutes) as the automatic defrosting
mode operates. During the automatic defrosting opera-
will be shown on the remote controller display.
• The fan may operate at very low speed during dry opera-
tion or when the unit is monitoring the room's temperature.
• During quiet operation, the fan will operate at very low
• In the monitor auto operation, the fan will operate at very
low speed.
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