Introduction; Safety Precautions - Fujitsu ARTG45LDTA Operation Manual

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1-1. Safety precautions

To prevent personal injury, or property damage, read this
section carefully before you use this product, and be sure to
comply with the following safety precautions.
Incorrect operation due to failure to follow the instructions
may cause harm or damage, the seriousness of which is
classified as follows:
This mark warns of death or serious
This mark warns of injury or damage
to property.
This mark denotes an action that is COMPULSORY.
This mark denotes an action that is PROHIBITED.
• This product contains no user-serviceable parts.
Always consult authorized service personnel for
repairing, installation, and relocation of this prod-
uct. Improper installation or handling will cause
leakage, electric shock, or fire.
• In the event of a malfunction such as burning smell,
immediately stop operation of the air conditioner,
and disconnect all the power supply by turning off
the electrical breaker or disconnecting the power
plug. Then consult authorized service personnel.
• Take care not to damage the power supply cable.
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced
by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly
qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.
• In the event of refrigerant leakage, be sure to
keep away from fire or any flammables, and con-
sult authorized service personnel.
• If you see lightning or hear thunder, there might
be a lightning strike. To prevent electric shock
hazard, turn off the air conditioner by using the
remote controller, and do not touch this product
or the power source during thunderstorm.
• Do not start or stop the operation of this product
by inserting or pulling out the power plug, or by
turning on or off the circuit breaker.
• Do not use inflammable gases near this product.
It may cause a fire from leaking gas.
• Do not expose yourself directly to the cooling
airflow for many hours.
• Dispose of the packing materials safely. Tear and
dispose of the plastic packing bags so that children
cannot play with them. There is the danger of suffo-
cation if children play with the original plastic bags.
• Do not insert your fingers or any other objects
into outlet port or inlet port.
• Do not operate with wet hands.
• This appliance is not intended for use by persons
(including children) with reduced physical, sen-
sory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience
and knowledge, unless they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning use of the
appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they
do not play with the appliance.
9381067121_OM_EN.indd 2
• Provide occasional ventilation during use.
• Always operate this product with air filters installed.
• Ensure that any electronic equipment is at least 1
meter away from this product.
• Turn off power source when not using this prod-
uct for extended periods.
• After long period of use, check whether the instal-
lation stand does not deteriorate to prevent this
product from falling down.
• When restarting after a long period of disuse in
the winter, turn the power source on at least
12 hours before starting the unit.
• The airflow direction and the room temperature
should be carefully considered when you use this
product in a room with infants, children, elderly or
sick persons.
• Keep the surroundings of the outdoor unit clean
and tidy, and do not place items around it. Any
objects blocking or entering from the outlet ports
may cause product malfunction.
• Do not set vessels containing liquid on this unit,
or expose it directly to water. Doing so will cause
heating, fire or electric shock.
• Do not place electrical devices within 1 m (3.3 ft.)
of this unit. It may cause malfunction or failure.
• Do not use fire near this unit or place a heating
apparatus nearby. It may cause malfunction.
• Do not touch the switches with sharp objects. Do-
ing so will cause injury, trouble, or electric shock.
• Do not insert objects into the slit parts of this unit.
Doing so will cause trouble, heating, or electric
• Do not direct the airflow at fireplaces or heating
• Do not block or cover the inlet port and the outlet
• Do not apply any heavy pressure to radiator fins.
• Do not climb on, place objects on, or hang ob-
jects from this product.
• Do not place any other electrical products or
household belongings under this product.
Dripping condensation from this product might
get them wet, and may cause damage or mal-
function of your property.
• Do not expose this product directly to water.
• Do not use this product for preservation of food,
plants, animals, precision equipment, art work, or
other objects. This may cause quality deteriora-
tion of those items.
• Do not expose animals or plants to the direct
• Do not drink the drainage from the air conditioner.
• Do not pull the power supply cable.
• Do not touch the aluminium fins of heat exchang-
er built-in this product to avoid personal injury
when you install or maintain the unit.
• Do not stand on unstable steps when operating
or cleaning this product. It may overturn and can
cause injury.
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