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HP 10504 Installation Manual: Handling Safety; Esd Prevention; Laser Safety; Examining The Installation Site

10500 switch series.
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Unplug all external cables, including power cords, before moving the chassis.
Do not work alone when the switch has power.
Never assume that power has been disconnected from a circuit. Always check.

Handling safety

Do not hold the handle of the fan tray, power supply, or back cover of the chassis, or the air vents of
chassis. Any attempt to move the switch with these parts might cause equipment damage and even bodily
When you move the switch, follow these guidelines:
Remove all external cables, including the power cords, before moving the chassis.
Moving the chassis requires a minimum of two people, and you can use a mechanical lift as
Lift and put down the chassis slowly and never move suddenly.
Hold the handles on the chassis.
ESD prevention
To prevent the electric component from being damaged by ESD, follow these guidelines:
Ground the switch correctly. For how to ground your switch, see
Always wear an ESD wrist strap and make sure it is reliably grounded when installing FRUs. For
how to use an ESD wrist strap, see
Hold a PCB by its edges. Do not touch any electronic components or printed circuit.
Put cards away in ESD bags for future use.
Laser safety
Do not stare into any fiber port when the switch has power. The laser light emitted from the optical fiber
might hurt your eyes.
Examining the installation site
The HP 10500 switches must be used indoors. To ensure correct operation and long service life of your
switch, the installation site must meet the requirements in this section.
Weight support
Make sure the floor can support the total weight of the rack, chassis, cards, power supplies, and all other
components. Additionally, the floor loading plan must also consider system expansion, such as adding
more cards. For more information, see
"Appendix A Chassis views and technical
"Installing the



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