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HP 10504 Installation Manual: Replacement Procedures; Replacing A Power Supply

10500 switch series.
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Replacement procedures

When replacing FRUs while the switch is running, be aware of electrical safety hazards.
The switch uses a modular, hot-swappable architecture, and supports FRUs. You can replace any of FRUs
when the switch is running.

Replacing a power supply

Follow the procedures shown in
bodily injury.
Power modules on a 10500 switch must be the same model. When the replacement power modules and
the power modules that are operating correctly are not the same model, power off the switch and
remove all power modules before replacement.
Add a circuit breaker to the power line for each power supply. Before replacing a power supply, turn off
its circuit breaker.
The power supply might be of high temperature. Remove it with caution.
To install the removed power supply to the chassis again, install it after the status LED on it is off.
After removing the power supply, if you do not install a new power supply, install a blank filler panel.
Figure 38 Power supply removal flow
Figure 39 Power supply installation flow
To replace a power supply:
Prepare an antistatic mat to place the removed power supply.
Wear an ESD wrist strap and make sure it makes good skin contact and is reliably grounded. For
more information, see
Switch off the circuit breaker on the power supply.
Remove the cable ties from the power cord, and remove the power cord from the power supply.
Use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the captive screw on the power supply, and then grasp the
captive screw between your thumb and index finger to carefully pull out the handle on the power
supply, as shown by callout 1 in
Holding the power supply handle with one hand and, supporting the bottom of the power supply
with the other, gently pull the power supply out, as shown by callout 2 in
Figure 38
Figure 39
to replace a power supply to avoid device or



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