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Operating Sounds - Maytag MAH-24 Use And Care Manual

Maytag mah-24 washer use & care guide
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Operating Sounds

High-pitched sound
during a spin cycle.
Flushing water sound coming
Flushing water sound coming
from the dispenser area.
from the dispenser area.
Whirring or sloshing sound
followed by a pause, repeated
throughout the wash cycle.
Washer maintains a slightly
reduced spin speed after
achieving a higher spin speed.
The spin speed slows down
dramatically when it sounds
like an out-of-balance load.
Water is added after the
washer has been
tumbling for a while.
Clicking/draining sounds
when washer is started.
Washer beeps after
cycle has started.
Rhythmic air rushing
during spin.
Rapid snapping and/or
popping sound from the rear
of the washer during spin.
• The motor increases speed to spin the tub to remove moisture from the
• Detergent is dispensed at the start of the cycle. Bleach is dispensed
during final minutes of wash. Fabric softener is dispensed during the third
rinse while the washer is filling.
• The tub rotates one direction followed by a pause. The tub reverses
direction and pauses. This action continues throughout the cycle.
• After reaching the maximum spin speed, the machine may reduce spin
speed slightly for maximum performance.
• The tumbler will begin to accelerate to speed, then slows back down to
redistribute the load more evenly when an unbalanced load occurs.
• The Maytag Neptune
more water during the wash cycle as it is needed.
• Water flows through the dispenser to dilute and add bleach or fabric
softener at the appropriate time. This will occur even if bleach and fabric
softener are not used.
• Before the washer starts to fill, it will make a series of clicking noises to
check the door lock and do a quick drain.
• This is audio confirmation the door has locked successfully.
• Due to tub movement during the spin cycle, air is transferred in and out of
the tub to provide optimum performance.
• Water is being extracted through the drain holes in the spinner and is
hitting the outer tub before draining out of the machine.
clothes washer uses a true adaptive fill and adds

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Table of Contents

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