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Operating Instructions; Load The Clothes Washer; Start The Washer; Water Use - Maytag MAH-24 Use And Care Manual

Maytag mah-24 washer use & care guide
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Operating Instructions

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Before washing clothes for the first time, a
complete cycle must be run without a load. This
will remove any water remaining in the washer
from the manufacturer's test run.

Load the Clothes Washer

• The tub can be loaded completely full with dry,
unfolded clothes. However, DO NOT pack the tub
• Overloading may reduce washing efficiency, cause
excess wear and possibly cause creasing or
wrinkling of the load.
• Wash delicate items such as bras, hosiery and other
lingerie in the "Delicates" or "Handwash" cycle with
similar lightweight items.
• When washing smaller, bulky items that do not fill
the tub completely such as a rug, one pillow, stuffed
toys or one or two sweaters, a few towels should be
added for improved tumbling and spin performance.
• When washing heavily soiled loads, it is very
important to avoid overloading the washer to assure
good cleaning results.
• To add a forgotten item in the Normal, Colors, Heavy
Duty or Quick Wash cycles, press Start/Pause, wait
for the Door Lock light to go out, add the item, close
the door and press Start/Pause. After a pause of
one to two minutes, the cycle will resume.
• Close door carefully to avoid slamming.
• • To ensure that your additional items get clean, do
not wait more than five minutes after the cycle has
started to add the items.

Start the Washer

1. Press any pad or turn the cycle selector dial.
2. Load the washer loosely – DO NOT overload.
3. Close the door.
4. Add detergent and additives to the dispenser
(see pages 7-8).
5. Select the appropriate cycle and options for the
load, (see pages 4-6).
6. Press the Start/Pause pad.
7. The Wash indicator light will illuminate.
8. The estimated cycle time will appear in the display.
The time may fluctuate to better indicate the wash
time remaining in the cycle.
• When the cycle is complete, the Door Lock light
will go out and "End" will appear in the display
after one to two minutes.
• DO NOT attempt to open the door until the Door
Lock light is off. To add a forgotten item, see
Load The Clothes Washer section.
• When the washer is restarted after a pause, there
will be a pause of up to 15 seconds before the
cycle will continue.
• Pressing Power Off cancels the cycle and stops
the washer.
• The Wash, Rinse and Spin indicator lights will
illuminate during those portions of the cycle.

Water Use

The amount of water used will vary with each load.
The washer will automatically provide the appropriate
amount of water for efficient cleaning performance and
conservation of water and energy. Fill time will vary
depending on water pressure.

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Table of Contents

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