Automatic Dispenser - Maytag MAH-24 Use And Care Manual

Maytag mah-24 washer use & care guide
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Your Maytag washer is designed to use high efficiency
(HE) detergents.
Cyc les, options,
• For best cleaning results, use a high
efficiency detergent such as Tide HE,
What can & cannot b
Cheer HE or Wisk HE*. High
efficiency detergents contain suds
suppressors which reduce or eliminate suds. When
less suds are produced, the load tumbles more
oper ati ng tips
efficiently and cleaning results are maximized.
• When using regular detergent formulated for top-
loading washers, it is important to pay close
dishwasher use
attention to the soil level of the load, load size, and
water hardness**. To avoid over-sudsing which
causes extended cycle times, reduce the
amount of detergent used with soft water or
with small or lightly soiled clothes.
* Brand names are trademarks of the respective
** To determine water hardness in your area, contact
your local water utility or State University Extension
Controls a
t a glance
office in your area.
Dry er Exhaust tips
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Automatic Dispenser

The washer has separate compartments for dispensing
detergent and color-safe bleach, chlorine bleach and
fabric softener. All laundry additives are added to their
respective compartments before starting the washer.
The Automatic Dispenser MUST ALWAYS be in
place before starting the washer. DO NOT open
the Automatic Dispenser when the washer is
To use:
1. Pull out the dispenser drawer on the left
side of the control panel.
2. Fill appropriate compartments with laundry
additives, being careful not to overfill or spill
3. Slide the dispenser drawer carefully and
completely back into the compartment.
Detergent Compartment
1. Pour the recommended amount of
laundry detergent directly into the
detergent compartment before starting
the washer.
2. If color-safe bleach is to be used, it
should be added with detergent to the
detergent compartment.
• When adding color-safe bleach with
detergent, it is best if both laundry products are
in the same form; granular or liquid.

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Table of Contents

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