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Maytag mah-24 washer use & care guide
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Care & Cleaning
What can & cannot b
Turn off the water faucets after finishing the day’s
oper ati ng tips
washing. This will shut off the water supply to the
clothes washer and prevent the unlikely possibility of
damage from escaping water. Leave the door open to
allow the inside of the washer to dry out.
dishwasher use
Use a soft cloth to wipe up all detergent, bleach or
other spills as they occur.
Clean the following as recommended:
Control Panel – clean with a soft, damp cloth. Do
not use abrasive powders or cleaning pads. Do not
spray cleaners directly on the panel.
Cabinet – clean with soap and water.
Controls a
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Dry er Exhaust tips
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Cleaning the Interior
Clean the interior of the washer periodically to remove
any dirt, soil, odor, mold, mildew or bacteria residue
that may remain in the washer as a result of washing
clothes. We recommend taking the following steps
every 60 to 120 days to clean and freshen your washer
interior. The frequency with which the washer should
be cleaned and freshened depends on factors such as
usage, the amount of dirt, soil or bacteria being run
through your washer, or the use of cold water. Failure
to follow these instructions may result in unsatisfactory
conditions, including unpleasant odor and/or
permanent stains on the washer or washload.
To clean and freshen the washer interior:
1. Make a solution of one cup chlorine bleach and two
cups warm water. Be careful not to spill or splash
the bleach solution.
2. Wipe the door seal with bleach solution and a soft
3. Fill bleach dispenser with chlorine bleach.
4. Run the washer through a complete cycle using hot
5. Repeat the wash cycle if necessary.
Hard water deposits may be removed, if needed. Use a
recommended cleaner labeled clothes washer safe.
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