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Maytag MAH-24 Use & Care Manual

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Load the Clothes Washer
Start the Washer
Water Use
Using the Controls ........
Turn the Washer On
Select the Cycle
Select Wash/Rinse Temperature
Select Spin Speed
Select Soil Level
Select Cycle Options
Changing a Cycle
Canceling a Cycle
Cycle Indicator Lights
Detergent Compartment
Bleach Compartment
Fabric Softener Compartment
Care & Cleaning
Cleaning the Interior
Cleaning the Automatic
Storing the Washer
1 1-13
Information Codes
Service & Warranty
Guide d'utUisation
et d'entretien
Guia de uso y cuidado
Form No. A/07/04
Part No. 2201196
Litho U.S.A.
Maytag Appliances Sales Co.



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  • Page 1 Select Soil Level Select Cycle Options Changing a Cycle Guide d'utUisation Canceling a Cycle et d'entretien ... Cycle Indicator Lights Guia de uso y cuidado ..Form No. A/07/04 Part No. 2201196 Litho U.S.A. c2004 Maytag Appliances Sales Co.
  • Page 2 Importnnt Snfety Instructions Read all instructions before using the appliance. As with any equipment using electricity and having moving parts, there are potential hazards. To use this appliance safely, the operator should become familiar with the instructions for operation of the appliance and always exercise care when using it.
  • Page 3 Importnnt Snfety Instructions washing machine or combination washer-dryer, Do not wash or dry items that are soiled with turn on all hot water faucets and let the water vegetable or cooking oil. These items may contain flow from each for several minutes. This will some oil after laundering.
  • Page 4: Water Use

    Operotin9 instructions Start the Washer I M PORTANT • Before washing clothes for the first time, a 1. Press any pad or turn the cycle selector dial. complete cycle must be run without a load. This will remove any water remaining in the washer 2.
  • Page 5: Using The Controls

    Using t heControls Turn the Washer On Power Press any pad or turn the cycle selector knob to turn the washer on. Press the Power Off pad to turn the washer off. If the washer power is left on for longer than 10 minutes without starting the washer, the power automatically...
  • Page 6: Select Wash/Rinse Temperature

    Using t heControls Select Spin Speed Select Wash/Rinse Temperature Press the Temperature pad to select the wash and Press the Spin pad to select the appropriate spin rinse temperatures. The light next to the temperature speed for the load. The light next to the spin speed will will illuminate.
  • Page 7: Start The Washer

    Using theControls Start the Washer Semect Cycme Options Press the pads to select one or more options. To start the washer, press the Start/Pause Pad. Extra Rinse Adds an additional rinse at the end of the cycle to Changing a Cycle more thoroughly remove laundry additives and perfumes.
  • Page 8: Automatic Dispenser

    |entures Your Maytag washer is designed to use high efficiency Automatic Dispenser (HE) detergents. The washer has separate compartments for dispensing Detergent detergent and color-safe bleach, chlorine bleach and fabric softener. All laundry additives are added to their • For best cleaning...
  • Page 9 Features Fabric Softener Compartment Bmeach Compartment 1. Pour the recommended amount of liquid (Liquid Chlorine Bleach Only) fabric softener into the softener 1. Add chlorine bleach to the bleach compartment. For smaller loads, use ,less compartment. DO NOT exceed the fill line. than one cap ful!.
  • Page 10: Care And Cleaning

    Care & Cleaning Cleaning the Interior Turn off the water faucets after finishing the day's washing. This will shut off the water supply to the Clean the interior of the washer periodically to remove clothes washer and prevent the unlikely possibility of any dirt, soil, odor, mold, mildew or bacteria residue damage from escaping water.
  • Page 11 For information on long-term storage or storage of your washer during extreme cold temperatures, call Maytag Customer Service toll-free at 1-800-688-9900 USA or 1-800-688-2002 Canada. U.S. customers using TTY for deaf, hearing impaired or 2.
  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    Make sure the water faucets are open all the way. Check for kinked hoses. unsuccessful. Check inlet screens on fill hoses. Problem with control. Call for service, see below. For any codes not listed above, call Maytag Customer Service at 1-800-688-9900 USA or 1-800-688-2002 Canada.
  • Page 13 Make The washer will not start sure door is firmly closed. Make sure the washer is plugged in. Make sure the water source faucet is turned on. Make sure to press the Start/Pause pad. Make sure the Child Lock is not activated, see page 6. No water or insufficient Turn both faucets on fully.
  • Page 14 • Avoid overloading. • Use high efficiency detergent to prevent over-sudsing. For further assistance, call Maytag Customer Service toll-free at 1-800-688-9900 USA or 1-800-688-2002 Canada. U.S.customers using TTY for deaf, hearing impaired or speech impaired, call 1-800-688-2080.
  • Page 16: To Obtain Warranty Service

    Name and address of your dealer and the date the appliance was purchased; d. A clear description of the problem you are having; Use & Care Guides, service manuals and parts catalogs are e. Proof of purchase. available from Maytag ServicessM, M aytag Customer Assistance.