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Undoing An Operation - Brother 891-Z02 Operation Manual

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d Moving
Incrementally move the selected patterns. Touch the
arrow keys to adjust the position of the patterns.
• The pattern can also be moved by touching it
displayed in the layout editing screen and
dragging it in the screen.
• To move a pattern while in the zoom mode,
drag the pattern.
e Editing Individual Patterns
Edit the selected individual pattern.
Touching this key displays the pattern editing
screen. From that screen, an individual pattern
can be edited.
• For details, see "Pattern Editing Functions" on
page 41.
• This function is not available when multiple
patterns are selected.
• If the cutting line of a pattern extends from the
cutting/drawing area due to editing, such as by
applying a seam allowance or flipping a pattern,
the line will become gray. Continue editing the
pattern to move it within the cutting/drawing
f Unifying (Grouping Multiple Patterns)
When multiple patterns are selected in the layout
editing screen, those patterns can be unified together
and edited as a single pattern. This is useful for
increasing or reducing the size of multiple patterns at
one time. For selecting multiple patterns, touch
in the layout editing screen. For details, see "Selecting
Multiple Patterns" on page 39.
Increasing the size of multiple patterns at one
g Welding (Merging the Outlines of Multiple
Weld the outlines of multiple patterns to create a
single outline. For details, see "Welding (Merging the
Outlines of Multiple Patterns)" on page 45.
h Previewing
Display a preview of the edited pattern.

Undoing an Operation

In the editing screen after patterns have been arranged
in the mat, touch
to undo the previous operation.
• Up to 10 of the previous operations can be
• After an operation is undone, it cannot be
• If the number of patterns has changed as a
result of adding, removing, welding or unifying
patterns, only operations after the number of
patterns were changed can be undone.
• When patterns are automatically arranged, the
operation cannot be undone.



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