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Accessories And Spare Parts; Warranty; Ec Declaration Of Conformity - Kärcher Puzzi 10/1 User Manual

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Spray pump loud
 Fill up fresh water reservoir.
Heavy formation of foam in the
wastewater container
 Add the defoaming agent into the
wastewater container or fill up the con-
tainer for the defoaming agent.
Customer Service
If malfunction can not be fixed, the de-
vice must be checked by customer ser-

Accessories and Spare Parts

Only use accessories and spare parts
which have been approved by the man-
ufacturer. The exclusive use of original
accessories and original spare parts
ensures that the appliance can be oper-
ated safely and trouble free.
At the end of the operating instructions
you will find a selected list of spare parts
that are often required.
For additional information about spare
parts, please go to the Service section


The warranty terms published by the rele-
vant sales company are applicable in each
country. We will repair potential failures of
your appliance within the warranty period
free of charge, provided that such failure is
caused by faulty material or defects in man-
ufacturing. In the event of a warranty claim
please contact your dealer or the nearest
authorized Customer Service centre.
Please submit the proof of purchase.

EC Declaration of Conformity

We hereby declare that the machine de-
scribed below complies with the relevant
basic safety and health requirements of the
EU Directives, both in its basic design and
construction as well as in the version put
into circulation by us. This declaration shall
cease to be valid if the machine is modified
without our prior approval.
Relevant EU Directives
2006/42/EC (+2009/127/EC)
Applied harmonized standards
EN 55014–1: 2006+A1: 2009+A2: 2011
EN 55014–2: 1997+A1: 2001+A2: 2008
EN 60335–1
EN 60335–2–68
EN 61000–3–2: 2006+A1: 2009+A2: 2009
EN 61000–3–3: 2008
EN 62233: 2008
EN 50581
Applied national standards
The undersigned act on behalf and under
the power of attorney of the company man-
Authorised Documentation Representative
S. Reiser
Alfred Kärcher GmbH Co. KG
Alfred-Kärcher-Str. 28 - 40
71364 Winnenden (Germany)
Phone: +49 7195 14-0
Fax: +49 7195 14-2212
Winnenden, 2013/12/01
– 6
Spray extraction device
Head of Approbation

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