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Audio Output Delay Detting (setup→audio 2); Audio Input Delay Setting (setup→audio 2); Reversed Mic Inputs Function (setup→audio 2) - Sony PCS-XG100 System Integration Manual

Hd video communication system.
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PCS-XG100/XG77 System Integration Manual
Audio Output Delay Setting (Setup→Audio 2)
Using the Lip Sync function closely synchronizes the audio and video signals. Even with the
Lip Sync function, however, there still may be a slight time lag, but this can be eliminated by
setting a value in "Audio Output Delay Setting".
Note that, when the audio signal is fed to an audio system other than that built into the video
display, even using Lip Sync function will not eliminate the time lag between the audio and
video. The time lag can also be eliminated by setting a delay in "Audio Output Delay Setting".
"Default" is that value with which the audio is almost synchronized with the video. You can
select "Default", "Default +/-50 ms", and "Default+/-100 ms". When you select "Custom", an
audio output delay between 0 ms and 500 ms can be set as an absolute delay, which has no
relation to the Default value.
Audio input delay setting (Setup→Audio 2)
When there is a time lag between the input audio and input video, a delay can be set in
"Audio Input Delay" to adjust the audio to the video. An identical delay is set for all the
microphones and all the external lines of the PCS. After setting up the audio and video
system to operate with the PCS, setting "Audio Input Delay", but then disconnecting the
audio and video system from the PCS, restore the original values or set the "Default" value.
"Audio Delay from Video Picture at Remote Party" contains "Audio Input Delay" set for the
local party and the "Audio Output Delay" set for the remote party. The optimum "Audio
Output Delay" setting is adjusted for each remote party according to the individual usage
circumstances, so it is recommended to use the "Default" value for "Audio Input Delay
Reversed MIC Inputs Function
This function allows you to select whether to transmit the audio input from the microphone
with right and left reversed to a remote party.
Normally, you do not need to change this setting. (See the microphone layout example when
installing microphone referring to section 1.4.)
Use this function to reverse the MIC inputs especially when the right and left of the camera
image and the audio are not matched from the remote party thanks to a specific installation
To reverse the audio, set "Reversed MIC Inputs" to "On" under Setup→Audio 2. (The factory
setting is "Off ".)
(Setup→Audio 2)


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