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System Integration Manual
1st Edition
©2013 Sony Corporation


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  • Page 1 HD VIDEO COMMUNICATION SYSTEM PCS-XG100/XG77 System Integration Manual 1st Edition (PCS-XG100/XG77:Ver1.0) ©2013 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    PCS-XG100/XG77 System Integration Manual Release History Date Contents 2013/9/25 Release Contents Section 1. Installation ......................3 1.1. Supplied Accessories ................... 3 1.2. Layout of Connectors ................... 3 1.3. Camera Units ....................... 4 1.3.1. 1st Camera Selection ..................4 1.3.2. Camera Selection ..................5 1.3.3.
  • Page 3: Section 1. Installation

    PCS-XG100/XG77 System Integration Manual Section 1. Installation For details on connection examples via a LAN or others, refer to the operating Instructions. 1.1. Supplied Accessories PCS-XG100S PCS-XG77S Camera Cable (3m) 1 pc 1 pc PCSA-A1 Microphone (Cable length 8m) 2 pcs...
  • Page 4: Camera Units

    PCS-XG100/XG77 System Integration Manual Rear Panel (Photo: PCS-XG100S) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) Connector Remarks Connector Remarks CAMERA IN Refer to Sections 1.3.3 HDMI-1 OUT *Note Refer to Section 1.6 and 1.3.5 HDMI IN *Note Refer to Sections 1.3.4...
  • Page 5: Nd Camera Selection

    PCS-XG100/XG77 System Integration Manual 1.3.2. 2nd Camera Selection Support Camera Interface Remarks EVI-HD7V DVI-I EVI-HD3V DVI-I EVI-H100V DVI-I EVI-HD1 YPbPr/RGB To connect the camera to DVI-I connector, DVI-to-YPbPr cable BRC-H900 YPbPr/RGB etc., is separately required BRC-H700 YPbPr/RGB BRC-Z700 YPbPr/RGB BRC-Z330...
  • Page 6: Camera Cable

    PCS-XG100/XG77 System Integration Manual 1.3.3. Camera Cable 3-meter long camera cable is supplied with the unit. If you wish to extend the camera cable, do at your own responsibility. Before starting actual operation, be sure to verify operation. Symbol Description...
  • Page 7: Hdmi In Connector (pcs-xg100s Only)

    PCS-XG100/XG77 System Integration Manual 1.3.4. HDMI IN Connector (PCS-XG100S only) An HDMI output camera like Handycam can be connected to HDMI IN. If using it as the second camera, make appropriate setting under “Camera” setup menu → “Second Camera Input”.
  • Page 8: Supported Input Signals

    PCS-XG100/XG77 System Integration Manual 1.3.5. Supported Input Signals Connector CAMERA IN DVI-I IN DVI-I 2 (PC) IN HDMI IN Signal (PCS-XG100S only) DVI-D Yes *1 Yes *2 Yes *2 *3 HDMI YPbPr Yes *4 Yes *5 *6 * 1: Connecting a camera with HDMI I/F: By using the camera cable supplied and DVI-HDMI Adaptor etc., only the video signal can be input * 2: Connecting a camera with HDMI I/F: By using a DVI-HDMI Adaptor etc., only the video signal can be...
  • Page 9: Using Microphones

    PCS-XG100/XG77 System Integration Manual 1.4. Using Microphones You can input the stereo sound from two PCS-A1 (two are supplied with the PCS-XG100S and one is supplied with the PCS-XG77S) microphones to the system. Up to 6 microphones are available with another optional PCS-A1(s).
  • Page 10 PCS-XG100/XG77 System Integration Manual Case1 To be Required: PCS-A1 x 2 Recommended Number of Attendees: 4 to 6 *Note Input Audio Mode (Mic): Stereo *Note Output Audio Mode (Loud Speaker): Stereo Setup Menu Settings: Setup Menu Item Setting Communication 2...
  • Page 11 PCS-XG100/XG77 System Integration Manual Case2 To be Required: PCS-A1 x 2 Recommended Number of Attendees: 10 to 14 Input Audio Mode (Mic): Monaural *Note Output Audio Mode (Loud Speaker): Stereo Setup Menu Settings: Setup Menu Item Setting Communication 2 Audio Mode...
  • Page 12: Audio Specifications And Settings

    PCS-XG100/XG77 System Integration Manual 1.5. Audio Specifications and Settings 1.5.1. Connector Input/Output Signals Rear Panel (Photo:PCS-XG100S) Connector Name Type Specifications MIC (A1) IN Mini jack Standard Value: -55dBs 1 to 3 (R), 4 to 6 (L) Impedance: 4.8k ohm (plug in power 2.5V)
  • Page 13: Note On Using External Microphone

    PCS-XG100/XG77 System Integration Manual 1.5.2. Note on Using External Microphone If you connect external microphone with “AUDIO 1 IN” or “AUDIO 2 IN”, you need to use Mic Mixer and to adjust its output level to line level, and this output should be inputted to “AUDIO 1 IN”...
  • Page 14: Audio Output Delay Detting (setup→audio 2)

    PCS-XG100/XG77 System Integration Manual 1.5.4. Audio Output Delay Setting (Setup→Audio 2) Using the Lip Sync function closely synchronizes the audio and video signals. Even with the Lip Sync function, however, there still may be a slight time lag, but this can be eliminated by setting a value in “Audio Output Delay Setting”.
  • Page 15 PCS-XG100/XG77 System Integration Manual Sender side Receiver side Reversed MIC Inputs : Off (set by the sender side) Hello ぉ Hello ぉ Reversed MIC Inputs : On (set by the sender side) Hello ぉ Audio Input: MIC, When the right and left of the camera image and...
  • Page 16: Echo Canceller

    PCS-XG100/XG77 System Integration Manual 1.5.7. Echo Canceller Stereo echo canceller’s learning principle When there is only one sound source, the stereo echo canceller cannot learn four different echo paths, because: . The balance of the volume from each of the L and R channels is constant.
  • Page 17 PCS-XG100/XG77 System Integration Manual Echo Canceller (Setup→Audio1) To enable the echo canceller, make settings as follows: When the output from PCS-A1 microphone is input to MIC (A1) IN: Setup Menu Item Setting Audio1 Audio Input Input Select (MIC) MIC(A1) Echo Canceller...
  • Page 18: Connecting Monitor

    PCS-XG100/XG77 System Integration Manual 1.6. Connecting Monitor Up to 3 monitors can used with the PCS-XG100S, and up to 2monitors with PCS-XG77S. Setup Menu Settings: Setup Menu Item Setting Video 1 Monitor Output HDMI 1 Outputs the video signal to the external equipment...
  • Page 19 PCS-XG100/XG77 System Integration Manual Notes ・HDMI-2 OUT connector is not available on the PCS-XG77S. HDMI-1 OUT is called HDMI OUT for the PCS-XG77S. ・The “HDMI 1 + HDMI 2” and “Triple monitors” settings are not available on the PCS-XG77S. ・Connect a monitor that supports the 1080p video format to the HDMI-2 OUT connector.
  • Page 20: Two Serial Ports

    PCS-XG100/XG77 System Integration Manual 1.7. Two Serial Ports The PCS-XG unit is equipped with two serial ports on the rear panel. One is intended for external control, the other is for maintenance. Rear Panel (Photo: PCS-XG100S) Terminal name Baud rate...
  • Page 21 PCS-XG100/XG77 System Integration Manual...

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