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Important Safety Instructions - Black & Decker VEC156BD Manual

1,000,000 power series
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1. All halogen lights give off heat. Never place the light face-down on any surface when lit.
2. Never look directly into the light or shine the light into another person's eyes.
3. Replace bulb with type indicated in specifications or a 6 volt H3 quartz halogen bulb.
4. Do not immerse this spotlight in water. This unit is not waterproof — it is water resistant.
5. Do not substitute power cords or charging adapters. Only charge with supplied AC and DC
charging adapters. Charging adapters for this unit supply 12 volts DC.
6. Keep children away from spotlight. This is not a toy!
7. Lens gets very hot when spotlight is operating. Do not touch lens while operating.
8. Keep combustibles away from spotlight lens — extreme heat can cause fires.
9. Keep sharp objects away from lens — it is glass and can break.
10. Do not drop or throw spotlight. It contains glass and a sealed lead acid battery.
11. Dispose of unusable batteries in a responsible manner. See battery disposal section.
12. Do not crush, cut, pull or expose charging adapter cords to extreme heat.
13. Position charging adapter cords so that they do not become entangled or become a safety hazard.
Keep charging adapter cords away from sharp edges.
14. Do not operate while recharging.
• Use only with AC or DC charging adapters that are provided with unit. Plug in the charging adapter
at the spotlight first, then plug into the charging source.
• Do not overcharge:
– AC recharge up to 12-14 hours maximum.
– DC recharge up to 3-4 hours maximum.
• Use in a dry location only.
• There are no user-serviceable parts inside.
• RISK OF FIRE/ELECTRIC SHOCK — do not plug in a power supply without the bulb lens and cover in


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