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Numeric Setup view Press SN to display the Numeric Setup view. This view
enables you to configure the appearance of the data displayed in Numeric view. The
fields are as follows:
• Num Start—The first value of X to show in the independent variable column of the
• Num Step—The common difference (that is, increment) between consecutive
• Num Zoom—The factor that will be used when zooming in or out on the table
• Num Type—Choose how you want the table to be generated:
- Automatic—Based on your Num Start and Num Step values, the app generates the x-values and the corresponding
function values.
- BuildYourOwn—You enter the x-values and the app generates the corresponding function values.
The menu items in this view are as follows:
—Makes the selected value editable.
—Sets Num Start and Num Step so that the table values match the settings in the Plot view. For example, Num
Start is made the same as the minimum of the X Rng values.

Advanced Graphing app

The Advanced Graphing app enables you to define and explore the graphs of symbolic open sentences in x and y. You can
plot conic sections (for example, x
number theory, and much more. To open the Advanced Graphing app, press ! and select Advanced Graphing. The app
opens in Symbolic view. The information below describes the major differences between the Advanced Graphing app and the
Function app (see "Function, Advanced Graphing, Parametric, Polar, and Sequence apps" on page 22).
Symbolic view The Symbolic view of the Advanced Graphing app enables you to
specify up to ten open sentences, each expressed in terms of x, y, both, or neither.
Some examples are as follows:
• x
/3 – y
/5 = 1
• y MOD x = 3
The menu items are the same as in the Symbolic view of the Function app, except that
here there is a button for Y as well as for X. If you enter these variables manually, make
sure that you enter them as uppercase characters: X and Y, not x and y.
Quick Start Guide
+ y
= 64), two-variable inequalities (such as 2x – 3y ≤ 6), graphs that help you explore
• 2x – 3y ≤ 6


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