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Spreadsheet App; Navigation, Selection And Gestures; Entering Content - HP Prime Graphing Calculator Quick Start Manual

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created. The syntax is the same as in the CAS: area(GC). Press E to calculate and display the area (as shown at the
right). Select the measurement to make it visible in Plot view. If you return to Plot view, you will see the new measurement
in the upper-left corner. If you change the size of the circle, the area value will update dynamically.
menu in the Numeric view contains the Cartesian, Measure, and Tests categories, similar to the Plot view.
By default, all calculations are labeled with their definitions. You can change the label of a calculation for readability without
changing the underlying definition. Tap Label, and an edit line appears. Enter your new label and tap
appears to the left of the value, in place of the definition; the underlying definition appears at the bottom of the display. Tap
to edit the definition.
Any calculation that you select—by highlighting it and pressing
calculation can also be edited, deleted, and moved up and down the calculation list. (The latter option is useful if you have
calculations that are dependent on other calculations.)
Plot Setup view This view enables you to customize the appearance of Plot view.
The Xmin, Ymin, and Pixel Size boxes allow you to set the dimensions of Plot view,
subject to the restriction that the pixels in Plot view are always square with respect to
Cartesian units. After you edit these three boxes, the Xmax and Ymax fields are
calculated automatically. The rest of the boxes in this view are common to most of the
apps, such as X Tick, Y Tick, and so on. There is also an additional check box, Scroll Text.
Select this box to automatically scroll the current command in Plot view. Clear this box
to manually scroll the command using touch gestures.

Spreadsheet app

The Spreadsheet app provides a grid of cells, where you can enter content (such as numbers, text, expressions, and so on)
and to perform certain operations on what you enter. To open the Spreadsheet app, press ! and select Spreadsheet. The
app opens in Numeric view. (There is no Plot or Symbolic view.)

Navigation, selection and gestures

You can move about a spreadsheet by using the cursor keys, by swiping, or by tapping
want to move to. You select a cell simply by moving to it. You can also select an entire column—by tapping the column
letter—and select an entire row (by tapping the row number). You can even select the entire spreadsheet: just tap the
unnumbered cell at the top-left corner of the spreadsheet. (It has the HP logo in it.)
A block of cells can be selected by pressing down on a cell that will be a corner cell of the selection and, after a second,
dragging your finger to the diagonally opposite cell. You can also select a block of cells by moving to a corner cell, tapping
and using the cursor keys to move to the diagonally opposite cell. Tapping

Entering content

A cell can contain any valid calculator object: a real number (3.14), a complex number (a + ib), an integer (#1Ah), a list ({1, 2}),
a matrix or vector([1, 2]), a string ("text"), a unit (2_m) or an expression (that is, a formula). Move to the cell you want to add
content to and start entering the content as you would in Home view. Press E when you have finished. You can also
enter content into a number of cells with a single entry. Just select the cells, enter the content—for example, =Row*3—and
press E.
What you enter on the entry line is evaluated as soon as you press E, with the result placed in the cell or cells. However,
if you want to retain the underlying formula, precede it with S.. For example, suppose that want to add cell A1 (which
contains 7) to cell B2 (which contains 12). Entering A1+ B2E in, say, A4 yields19, as does entering S.A1+
Quick Start Guide
—will also be displayed in Plot view. A highlighted
and specifying the cell you
or another cell deselects the
. The new label


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