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Entering And Editing Expressions; Methods; Example - HP Prime Graphing Calculator Quick Start Manual

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• Tap the date/time to open a monthly calendar. You can navigate between months to find specific dates.
• If your HP Prime calculator supports wireless connectivity, tap the wireless icon to connect to the nearest HP Wireless
Classroom Network or to disconnect from the current HP Wireless Classroom Network.
To reset a field to its default value, move the cursor to that field and press \. To reset all fields to their default values,
press S& (Clear).
Note that the reset options are available on all screens that show settings (not just the Home Settings screen). If settings are
spread over more than one page, pressing S& (Clear) resets only the settings on the page that is currently displayed.
To return to Home view, press H. Note that the CAS has its own settings (see "CAS settings" on page 17).

Entering and editing expressions


The home settings enable you to choose one of three entry methods:
• Algebraic—Entry is on a single line (as in x^2)
• Textbook—Entry can be on several lines, as in a textbook (for example, x
• RPN (that is, Reverse Polish Notation)—Inputs precede operators. Thus 5E4+ yields 9.
The examples in this guide illustrate the textbook mode of entry. The order in which items are entered in textbook mode is
the same in algebraic mode. Only the appearance of the entry is different. However, the order of entry in RPN mode is
different. If you prefer to use RPN, see the user guide.


To calculate
, enter SlS3E.
Notice that both √ and π are entered as a key-combination. They are shifted
By default all results are displayed with 12 digits of accuracy. You can also evaluate
expressions using the computer algebra system (CAS) directly, or by calling a CAS
command from Home view. This provides symbolic rather than numeric results (see "Computer algebra system (CAS)" on
page 17).
Press U twice to highlight the expression you entered. Note that two additional menu
items appear:
command is useful if a result is too tall to be seen in its entirety (for
example, a many-rowed matrix). If you highlight the result and tap
displayed in textbook format in full-screen view. In full-screen view you can press U
and D (as well as Rand L) to bring hidden parts of the result into view. Tap
A quick way to enter many types of mathematical expressions is to press
c. A palette of templates appears (shown at the right). You choose a
template by tapping it and then adding the necessary parameters.
Quick Start Guide
. The
command is described on page 14.
, it is
to return to the previous view.


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