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—Within each level of equation there are a number of less difficult graphs.
Tap this button to cycle through them. A dot on the button (
you are testing yourself on one of the less difficult graphs.
—Chooses various forms of equation: there are two in the Linear Explorer
and four in the Quadratic Explorer.
—Lets you check your current answer against the correct answer.
—Displays the correct answer.
—Returns to Plot view.

Trig Explorer app

The Trig Explorer app enables you to explore the behavior of the sinusoidal equations y = a . sin(bx + c) + d and y = a . cos(bx +
c) + d as the values of a, b, c, and d change. You can change the equation and note the change in the graph, or change the
graph and note the change in the equation. A graph can be changed using the cursor keys. It can also be translated by tapping
it and then dragging it. To open the Trig Explorer app, press ! and select Trig Explorer.
The current equation is shown at the top of the display, with the graph of it below. The
menu items are as follows:
—Toggles between graph and equation modes.
—Toggles between sine and cosine graphs.
—Toggles between radians and degrees as the angle measure
for x.
—Toggles between translating the graph (
changing its frequency or amplitude (
cursor keys.
—Displays the test view of the app (see below).
—Cycles through the increments by which certain parameters change: π/4, π/6, π/9, or 20°, 30°, 45°
(depending on angle measure setting).
In graph mode, you use the cursor keys to
modify the graph. The equation at the top of
the screen changes to match what you do to
the graph. The behavior of the cursor keys
depends on whether
chosen (see above).
The increment by which parameters a, b, and d
change is always 0.1; the increment by which
parameter c changes depends on your
increment settings (see above).
Press Q to reflect the graph over the x-axis.
In equation mode you can change the
parameters of the equation directly. The graph changes to match what you do to the equation.
Press > or < to select a parameter.
Press = or \ to increase or decrease the selected parameter. (The same increments apply in equation mode as in graph
Quick Start Guide
). You make these changes using the
) indicates that
), and
Graph mode
Equation mode


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