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expression, list, matrix, line of programming code, etc. The menu buttons are options that are relevant to the current display.
These options are selected by tapping the corresponding menu button. (Only a labeled button has a function.) Some menu
buttons open a further menu. To close such a menu without making a selection from it, press &.


The HP Prime calculator offers two modes of navigation: touch screen and keyboard. In many cases, you can tap an icon,
field, menu, or object to select (or deselect) it. For example, you can open the Function app in the Application Library by
tapping its icon once. However, to open the Application Library, you will need to press a key: !. Selections can often be
made either by tapping or by using the keys. For instance, in addition to tapping an icon in the Application Library, you can
press the cursor keys until the app you want to open is highlighted, and then press E. Sometimes both a touch gesture
and a key–touch combination is available. For example, you can deselect a toggle option either by tapping it, or by using the
cursor keys to move to the field and then tapping a touch button along the bottom of the screen (in this case
and E perform the same function, as do

Touch gestures

The HP Prime calculator recognizes the following touch gestures:
• Tap—Point to an item on the screen, and then tap one finger to select the item.
• Tap and hold—Place your finger on the screen and hold it there for a moment.
• Scrolling—Place a finger on the screen and then drag it up, down, left, right, or diagonally to move up, down, sideways,
or diagonally on a page or image.
• One-finger slide—To scroll across the screen, lightly slide one finger across the screen in the direction you want to move.
To drag, in the Plot view of the Geometry app only, press and hold an object, and then drag the object to move it. To
select multiple cells in the Numeric view of the Spreadsheet, Statistics 1Var, and Statistics 2Var apps and in the List and
Matrix Editors, tap and hold a cell, and then drag your finger to select subsequent cells.
• 2-finger pinch zoom—Zoom out by placing two fingers apart on the screen and then moving your fingers together.
Zoom in by placing two fingers together on the screen and then moving your fingers apart. In the Spreadsheet app, this
gesture controls the width of columns and the height of rows.
Quick Start Guide
and &.
). Note


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