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Data Sharing; App Views; Symbolic View; Symbolic Setup View: S - HP Prime Graphing Calculator Quick Start Manual

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If you don't want to retain the data stored with an app when you next open the app, you can reset the app to its default values
and settings. With the Application Library displayed (!), use the cursor keys to highlight the app you want to reset, and
then tap
. Confirm your intention to reset the app by tapping

Data sharing

Using the supplied USB cable, you can send an app from one HP Prime calculator to another. It can be a built-in app or one
you've customized. In fact, you can share with other HP Prime users many of the objects you create using your HP Prime
calculator, such as programs, notes, lists, and matrices.
Note that the connectors on the ends of the USB cable are slightly different. The
micro-A connector has a rectangular end and the micro-B connector has a trapezoidal
end. To share objects with another HP Prime calculator, the micro-A connector must
be inserted into the USB port on the sending calculator, with the micro-B connector
inserted into the USB port on the receiving calculator. In some cases,
calculator-to-calculator connectivity might not work; in these cases, use HP Connectivity Kit to transfer the app.

App views

Most HP apps have the same structure, based on the symbolic, graphic, and numeric representations of mathematical
objects. These representations are called views, and they can be displayed by pressing @, P, and N respectively. Each
main view can be configured from an associated setup view. For example, pressing SP displays the Plot Setup view,
where you can specify the range of values to be plotted, axis intervals, cursor appearance, and so on.
Note that an app remains selected until you select another one. Thus, if you leave an app, do other work with the calculator,
and then press @, P, or N, the previous data shown in these views are redisplayed. This includes expressions, plots,
and values.
The six primary app views are illustrated below (using the Function app as an example).

Symbolic view:

This view is
primarily used to
define the
objects—such as
expressions and
will be represented
in the Plot and
Numeric views. It is
also used to specify
the statistical analyses you want to undertake.
or pressing E .
Micro-A: sender
Symbolic Setup view:
This view enables you to
change certain
underlying settings for
the app, such as the
angle measure and
number format. The
settings made here will
override the
corresponding settings
on the Home Settings
Micro-B: receiver
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